Ford Consumers Beware! Lawsuit Initiated Against Ford Motor Company for Selling Trucks with Defective Fuel Tanks

A lawsuit was recently filed in federal court in New Jersey against Ford Motor Company alleging consumer fraud and breach of warranty against Ford for selling trucks with defective fuel tank linings.

The lawsuit claims that the fuel tank linings on Ford’s E and F series trucks that were manufactured between 1999 and 2008 would separate and flake off. The defect has resulted in the fuel systems getting clogged with debris and rust causing the trucks to lose power and stall while in operation.

The lawsuit claims that despite Ford’s notification to its dealers of a “secret” technical service bulletin of the problem, the company failed to issue a recall or notify the consumers of this problem.

Ford Motor Company has not yet commented on this matter.

If you own a potential lemon Ford F series truck or lemon Ford E series van and you have presented your vehicle to an authorized Ford dealership for repair attempts with regard to the fuel tank, engine stalling or loss of engine power, then you may be driving a lemon and you may be entitled to compensation.


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