Other attorneys may ask you to pay a retainer fee or tell you that they work on a contingency rate. At The Law Offices of Consumer Law Experts, the manufacturer pays ones’ legal fees if your claim is resolved. If it is not resolved, you aren’t responsible for any attorney’s fees.

Our California Lemon Law lawyers have the ability to deal with all vehicle manufacturers, makes and models regardless if you live in Merced, Salinas, Fresno or Clovis California. No auto, truck or sports utility vehicle is protected from the potential of poor craftsmanship or manufacturer malfunction. Don’t think that just because you paid more for a vehicle that you can’t get a lemon.

For years, The Law Offices of Consumer Law Experts continues to be one of California’s top Lemon Law legal advocates serving the 1.66 million residents of Merced, Monteray & Fresno County. As extremely seasoned California lemon law attorneys our firm provides considerable knowledge of both sides of the Merced, Monteray & Fresno California Lemon Law. We are client-focused attorneys, and have seen countless cases to successful outcome for several consumers, both those owning and leasing high-end foreign vehicles and those with moderately priced domestic automobiles.

Our Firm works personally with consumers to dispute claims against either vehicle makers and dealerships.

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