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Placer County and Sacramento County California Lemon Law

California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, often called the “Lemon Law,” provides customers with the right to obtain a refund or replacement auto in the event that their own car is really a lemon. Our attorneys have effectively remedied lemon law cases against several different companies. To help read more about the lemon law, and exactly how we can help you, we offer organized answers to many common questions. We also invite you to phone or email us for your no charge assessment about your circumstances.

How can I determine if my own auto is a “lemon?”

In cases where a manufacturer or possibly its authorized dealership cannot repair a malfunctioning product inside a practical number of service attempts, the maker must either promptly swap or repurchase the product, so long as the item is covered by a car maker’s or retail seller’s warranty.

A material defect is described as a defect that “substantially impairs the use, value or safety” of the auto to the purchaser. Impairment to merely one of these three categories – use, value or safety – is enough.

Just what exactly makes up a reasonable number of service attempts is best decided on a case by case basis, although a typical benchmark is four times or thirty days in the shop. The periods within the repair shop may be calculated back to back or cumulatively. The quantity of service requests, the number of days in the repair shop, the age, along with the mileage of the car or truck are issues that will determine whether your car or truck qualifies as a lemon.

These are only guidelines. Any kind of inability to correct a nonconformity which substantially impairs use, value or safety inside a realistic number of tries could entitle the customer to a refund, even with a long period of ownership, so long as the defect first happened while the vehicle was under warranty.

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