Lemon Law

If you buy or lease a motor vehicle and realize that there are faults and defects that affect the value and your safety while operating it, then you may want to pursue your lemon law rights.

Many people will hire an attorney to help coordinate and resolve their case. You, as a consumer, have rights to remedy the situation if you find yourself dealing with the same serious motor vehicle issues for a prolonged period of time, especially if the problem is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.

To make a lemon law claim, you need to document your specific case by providing the manufacturer with a letter describing the faults and problems you’ve experienced with the vehicle. You will need to ask the manufacturer to purchase your car back since it is a lemon.

At this point, the manufacturer can purchase your lemon back without you doing anything further.  However, it can be difficult dealing with a manufacturer directly for them to buy back your faulty vehicle. A qualified lemon law attorney can be a very helpful tool. Arbitration is also an option, but this is a complicated process that needs to be thoroughly understood.

Regardless which path you choose, you need to keep all your documents to help prove your lemon case. These valuable documents include all the repair orders, inspection reports, and warranty.

The best advice is to hire an experienced lemon law attorney that can successfully represent the disputes of the consumer.  Most attorneys do not ask for you to pay legal fees up front. An attorney can help negotiate for a complete repurchase of the vehicle, which includes reimbursement of all taxes, finance charges, and down payment, or instead of monetary compensation there could be a vehicle swap. Additionally, when you win your lawsuit, then you can be reimbursed for your attorney’s fees.  An attorney will settle for the best compensation for the consumer.

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