California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, also known as the California Lemon Law, was initially put into law with the intention to deliver financial assistance to consumers of troublesome vehicles. Typically, the California Lemon Law in Vallejo, Napa, and Santa Rosa refers to vehicles which the car dealerships were unable to correct while in the warranty time period after receiving an acceptable number of opportunities. For eligible automobiles, the automobile manufacturer has to give the purchaser his or her money back as well as repay the outstanding loan balance or exchange the car with an equivalent model. Our Solana, Napa, & Sonoma County Lemon Law Lawyers can help in the event that you happen to be experiencing this specific situation.

The California Lemon Law also mandates that the car producer cover the customer’s hourly lawyer’s expenses on a meritorious claim. This makes the law financially practical for those who might otherwise not be in the position to retain the services of a lawyer. This means if you want to hire a Lemon Law Attorney serving the 1.72 million local citizens in these counties, it won’t cost you anything and our expenses are settled when we win your matter.

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