Mich. Comp. Laws §§ 257.1401 to 257.1410

Vehicles covered: Passenger vehicles or sport utility vehicles,

purchased or leased in-state or by a resident of the state; excludes

motor homes, buses or trucks other than pick-ups or vans, and

vehicles with less than four wheels (§ 257.1401(f), (g)).

Persons covered: Purchasers for personal, family or household use,

or persons entitled to enforce the warranty, including lessors

(§ 257.1401(a)(b), (c)).

Period covered: Whichever comes first: expiry of term of express

warranty or one year from date of delivery (§ 257.1402).

Disclosure requirements: Upon notice manufacturer must notify

consumer as to accessible repair facility (§ 256.1403(5)). Secretary

of state notice of consumer rights to accompany title to new car as

specified in § 257.1408.

Required consumer notice: Must notify manufacturer by return

receipt service (§ 257.1403(5)).

Repair requirements: It is presumed that a reasonable number of

attempts have been made if the same nonconformity is subjected to

four or more repairs, or the vehicle is out of service for a cumulative

total of thirty or more days or parts of days (§ 257.1403(5)).

Affırmative defenses: Defect is the result of unauthorized modification,

abuse, neglect or damage due to an accident (§ 257.1406).

Replace/refund: At the consumer’s option the manufacturer shall

replace with a comparable vehicle in production, acceptable to the

consumer, or accept the return and refund the full purchase price

less a reasonable use allowance (defined) (§ 257.1403(1), (2)).

Other reimbursement: Cost of options, modifications, manufacturer’s

charges, towing costs, and rental replacement (§ 257.1403(1),

(2)). Costs, expenses and attorney fees (§ 257.1407).

Other remedies: No limit on other consumer remedies

(§ 257.1404). Rights and remedies may not be waived

(§ 257.1407).

Informal dispute resolution: For remedies under this section a

consumer must use an informal dispute settlement procedure established

by the manufacturer, provided the procedure complies

with 16 C.F.R. pt. 703 (§ 257.1405(5)).

Resale of lemon: No applicable provisions.