Wis. Stat. § 218.0171; see also Wis. Stat. § 218.0163(2)

Vehicles covered: Vehicles registered and purchased or leased in

state, including demonstrator or executive vehicles; excludes mopeds,

semitrailers and trailers used with trucks (§ 218.0171(1)(d)).

Persons covered: Purchasers or lessees, transferees during express

warranty period, or any person entitled to enforce the warranty

(§ 218.0171(1)(b)).

Period covered: Whichever comes first: expiry of term of express

warranty or one year from date of delivery (§ 218.0171(2)(a)).

Disclosure requirements: None for manufacturer.

Required consumer notice: Must report nonconformity to the

manufacturer or authorized dealer (§ 218.0171(2)(a)).

Repair requirements: It is presumed that a reasonable number of

attempts have been made if the same nonconformity is subjected to

four or more repairs, or the vehicle is out of service for thirty or

more calendar days (§ 218.0171(1)(h)).

Affırmative defenses: The nonconformity is the result of the consumer’s

abuse, neglect, or unauthorized modifications or alterations

(§ 218.0171(1)(f)). No statute of limitations specified.

Replace/refund: At the consumer’s option, the manufacturer shall

replace with a new comparable vehicle, or refund the full purchase

price less a reasonable use allowance (defined) (§ 218.0171(2)(b)).

Other reimbursement: Collateral costs and charges; refund to the

consumer and lienholder; other damages (§ 218.0171(2)(b)).

Double damages, costs and attorney fees (§ 218.0171(7)). Sales tax

to be returned by department of revenue (§ 218.0171(2)(f)).

Other remedies: There is no limit on other consumer remedies

(§ 218.0171(5)). No cause of action created against dealer by virtue

of exclusion of dealers from definition of manufacturer and its

agents (§ 218.0171(1)(c)). A consumer has a private cause of

action for pecuniary loss caused by a licensed dealer’s willful

failure to perform any written agreement, plus costs and attorney

fees (§ 218.0163(2)).

Informal dispute resolution: For remedies under this section a

consumer must first use an informal dispute settlement procedure

established by the manufacturer, provided the procedure complies

with 16 C.F.R. pt. 703 (§ 218.0171(3), (4)).

Resale of lemon: Full disclosure required (§ 218.0171(2)(d)).