Potential Lemon Subaru cars and lemon Honda motorcycles.

Subaru of America recently announced a recall of approximately 32,000 of its model year 2012 Legacy, Outback and Impreza and Honda Motor Company recently announced a recall of approximately 126,000 of its GL-1800 motorcycles from the 2001 – 2012 model years.

In the affected Subaru lemon vehicles, the brake master cylinder can cause the brake pedal to travel farther than expected. This defect can result in the driver misjudging the amount of pressure that is needed in order to stop quickly. In the affected Honda lemon motorcycles, the brakes may not fully release, which can cause a crash or a fire in the rear brake.

Subaru announced that no injuries or crashed have been reported. However, the company has received more than 112 reports of the problem. Honda announced that two fires have been reported. It is unclear whether any crashed have occurred.

If you own or lease a potential lemon Subaru Legacy, Subaru Outback, Subaru Impreza or a potential lemon Honda motorcycle, and you have presented your car or motorcycle to an authorized Subaru or Honda dealership for repair attempts with regard to the malfunctioning brakes, then you may be driving a lemon and you may be entitled to compensation.

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