2013 Lemon Law Award

If you live in California and have purchased or leased a motor vehicle and later discover that it is faulty or has defects that impact the safety, use and/or value, the California lemon law can provide the protections you need. The lemon law may not be of assistance for each person with a problem car or other type of vehicle, also known as a “lemon”, so it is best to hire an experienced lemon law attorney to help settle the case. On the off chance that the lemon law is not applicable for your specific case, an experienced lemon law attorney may know of ways to protect your consumer rights through other avenues.

Under the California Civil Code, the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act demands for a vehicle manufacturer to repair the vehicle while it is under the manufacturer’s warranty; however, if the vehicle is not repaired after several repair attempts, then the vehicle manufacturer will need to compensate the consumer by replacing it with a vehicle that is substantially similar or providing a refund for the vehicle. This Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act will protect consumers for the duration of the warranty. In certain situations, an experienced lemon law attorney can assist with extending the period of the warranty protection if the period of time to take legal action for violation of the warranty is four years from when the defect is first discovered or should have been discovered.

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