Covering specific Lexus and Toyota cars, Toyota issued a voluntary safety recall on November 2, 2009 to deal with various problems with floor mats. Responsible for the uncontrollable and unexpected acceleration of a variety of Lexus and Toyota cars, this recall resulted from a problem that Toyota identified as entrapped safety mats. The firm claimed that the accelerator pedal in different models of vehicles was becoming enmeshed in the floor mats of the cars. For cars including the Venza, Corolla, Highlander, Avalon, Camry, Vibe, Matrix, and Prius, Toyota offered a recall for particular year models, as a result of these difficulties.

Various other difficulties have arisen with some Lexus and Toyota cars that might not be connected to floor mat entrapments, since the voluntary recall process was started. Doubtless, a severe safety issue has become a real problem for these cars, although a direct cause for the unexpected vehicle acceleration has not been completely ascertained as of yet. Unlikely to release the firm from the responsibility for injuries which were suffered by Lexus and Toyota drivers because of sudden acceleration problems, Toyota is at least undergoing fixes of such problems. If you are a victim of a car accident that resulted from sudden, unexpected acceleration, then you should consult with an accident lawyer.

Such victims of accidents could receive significant financial reimbursement for their lost income, as well as their injuries, since these car accidents were potentially created by an inherent defect in the Lexus or Toyota cars’ designs. The car making giant may be deemed liable for criminal negligence by a court, if it is proven that Toyota deliberately made and then later vended cars possessing a defective design. Should the evidence come forward that these defective automobiles were the literal underlying causes of the accidents and resulting injuries of the car crash victims, then Toyota might have to pay compensation to the victims.

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