This California lemon law client purchased a used 2015 Nissan Sentra with over 20,000 miles on it.  Everything seemed great with the vehicle at first until after about a month when the vehicle began to hesitate and lag upon acceleration.  The issues with the car were dangerous and the consumer was afraid to drive it.  He took the car to the nearest Nissan dealership for repairs.  After a few days, he was told to pick it up and soon after picking it up, the car began to have more transmission problems.  This went on for a few months and after multiple repairs, he contacted the Lemon Law Experts.

At first, this consumer was hesitant to contact a lemon law attorney because he thought that the lemon laws did not cover used cars.  However, upon contacting the Lemon Law Experts and speaking directly with a lemon law attorney, he learned that could proceed with a lemon law claim even though his car was purchased used.

Within a short approximate month of starting his claim, a settlement was reached with Nissan North America.  Nissan agreed that the car was a lemon and as a result refunded all money he spent on the car, minus a usage fee, and Nissan even paid for his attorneys fees and costs.  This California lemon law client was surprised and thrilled to learn that even though his car was bought used, he still qualified for a lemon law buy back.

The Lemon Law Experts were not only this client’s counselors but they also became his friends.  He was assigned to a dedicated case manager and dedicated lemon law attorney who apprised him every step of the way during his case.  Thanks to the Lemon Law Experts, this California lemon law client is no longer driving that Nissan lemon and is instead driving a new car that so far has been free from defects.

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