With just over 4,000 miles on the odometer, a check engine light appeared on this client’s 2018 Honda Civic. She quickly took the vehicle in for repair where they discovered that malfunctioning valve.

About two months after the first repair visit, our client took the Honda vehicle in for repairs again for the same problem. The service provider discovered additional faulty components in the Civic’s engine

Unfortunately, our client did not know that the 2018 Honda Civic is particularly prone to engine issues. Symptoms that other Civic drivers have experienced include smoke coming from under the hood, antifreeze mixing with oil, overheating, and total engine failure.

The source of the issue often lies in the engine block, where several Honda drivers have reported that their service providers have discovered faulty valves, pumps, and other defective parts. In some older Civic models, the engine block itself can crack.

After several repair visits, Honda could not offer a permanent solution to the engine issue. She was concerned that the vehicle would eventually become inoperable. Additionally, taking the vehicle repeatedly in for repairs was costly.

She knew that something else needed to be done. After researching online on what to do next, she found the Lemon Law Experts. Our client quickly contacted us to see what her options could be.

This client did not regret her decision. She was happy to have chosen the Lemon Law Experts to represent her in her case against Honda.

Our team was able to secure her an excellent lemon law buyback. The auto manufacturer agreed to repurchase our client’s Honda Civic and to reimburse her for all incidental, consequential damages she incurred due to the lemon.

On top of this refund, our client also received additional damages. This was much more in recovery than our client initially anticipated. She was glad to have the Lemon Law Experts beside her at every step.