This California lemon law client who lives in Ventura County purchased a used 2007 Toyota Sienna Minivan from Keyes Toyota in Van Nuys. At the time of purchase this Sienna Minivan Lemon had over 28,000 miles on it. Within a few months this vehicle began to have engine problems which were evidenced by the vehicle stalling at intersections and the check engine light illuminating. Like most minivan owners this California lemon law client used this Toyota Sienna Minivan to transport his family and these engine problems posed a major safety issue.

This lemon law client was not sure anything could be done as he had drafted letters to both the dealerships and manufacturer regarding the problems he was experiencing with this Toyota Sienna lemon. However, like many consumers he was unable to get a positive response. As a last effort this lemon law client contacted the California lemon law attorneys’ at Consumer Law Experts. These California lemon law lawyers understand the intricacies of both California’s lemon law and the federal lemon law and through this were able to get Toyota Motor Sales to repurchase this used 2007 Toyota Sienna Minivan Lemon and get their attorneys’ fees and costs paid.

This previous owner of a 2007 Toyota Sienna Minivan lemon can now be seen driving through Ventura in a 2012 Toyota Sienna Minivan.

Like many lemon law clients this Toyota Sienna minivan owner did not think he had rights under the lemon law as he purchased the vehicle used and was unable to get relief on his own. This is a mistake. If you own a new or used vehicle and are experiencing multiple problems with this vehicle you may be entitled to relief under both California lemon law and federal lemon law. Contact a California lemon law expert at Consumer Law Experts today to get a free case evaluation.