This Los Angeles lemon law client bought the truck of his dreams. He drove it about 10,000 miles before the problems started and never went away. Time and time again he took the truck to his local Chevy dealership for repairs for the transmission not shifting properly, the illumination of the check engine light, and a faulty fuel gauge. After the 4th repair, he had had it and he called the Lemon Law Experts. Apprehensive at first to start a lemon law claim, he decided to wait. When the transmission defects persisted, he couldn’t take it anymore and moved forward with his lemon law claim.

Although the process did take some time, he was more than pleased with the outcome. General Motors repurchased his truck, paid him all his money back minus a usage fee for when he drove the truck trouble-free, and even paid him an amount over and above his actual damages. He successfully surrendered his truck and was one happy camper with this stellar outcome.