These clients took their brand-new 2020 Land Rover Discovery into the dealership for repair with less than 7,000 miles on the vehicle’s odometer. They noticed extremely worrying symptoms in the vehicle. While driving, they noticed the dashboard and center console screens flickered and they experienced loss of power in the vehicle.

Upon pulling over, several warning lights appeared, and the vehicle had to be towed. The new vehicle spent more than two weeks out of service due to repairs on this first visit.

Our clients took the vehicle in for two more lengthy repair visits following these initial repairs. The car spent over 21 days at the repair shop on this second visit after our clients noted that they experienced shaking in the vehicle, wherein the caution stability control becomes unavailable, and the vehicle becomes difficult to steer.

They also noted that the infotainment system was freezing often. After 3 long repairs, our clients had had enough and wanted to see what their options were.

Following numerous unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue with the dealership, our clients sought assistance from our team of Lemon Law Experts.

We worked diligently to represent our clients and were successful in securing a favorable outcome, which involved repurchasing the defective vehicle and reimbursing all monies spent on the vehicle minus a usage fee including our clients’ legal fees and costs.

If you are encountering similar problems with your car, the Lemon Law Experts can potentially offer you assistance. Our skilled team has a proven track record of achieving exceptional results for clients, which includes several settlements worth millions of dollars.

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