This lemon law client fell in love with his Harley Davidson V-Rod as he rode it home from the dealership. Unfortunately, the good times did not last particularly long. He took the motorcycle in for repairs to a certified dealership.

The 2016 V-Rod kept popping fuses, though it was only at about 5,000 miles. The technician looked at the bike and determined that it was burning fuses. They also found that the right rear turn light bulb had shorted. The dealer replaced all the fuses and it seemed like the problem was fixed.

A few months later, the client brought in the 2016 V-Rod for repairs once again. He said that the bike shut off in the middle of riding. The start button only clicked and would not start the vehicle. The battery failed tests by the dealer.

The Harley Davidson motorcycle would go on to spend about 30 days out of service due to repairs. Subsequent repair visits involved the same engine, battery, and shifter issues. The motorcycle repeatedly refused to turn on, it eventually began to leak oil on later visits.

Our client felt completely lost. He thought purchasing this vehicle would be a dream come true, but it turned out instead to be a major and costly headache for him. He wanted solutions but at one point he was not certain if lemon laws would apply to his case or not. Luckily, we were able to help him get started.

The Lemon Law Experts understand how intimidating it can be to defend yourself against a large company such as Harley Davidson, and that is why they were with our client throughout every step of the lemon law process. He was glad that he chose the Lemon Law Experts to represent him in this case.

The client ended up receiving much more in the settlement agreement with Harley Davidson than he ever thought possible, and this is a common sentiment among our clients. They often cannot believe the results they were able to obtain.

If you wish to see outstanding results for your own lemon law claim, let the Lemon Law Experts know today.