2018 Chevy Tahoe Problems

Large sports utility vehicles (SUVs) have become popular for families. Not only do they offer all the features, such as four-wheel drive, like smaller SUVs, but many of them also have a third row for larger families. Plus, you can fold the third row up when you need more space.

Families need dependability. Chevrolet claims that its 2018 Tahoe is dependable. Customers, however, have complained about numerous 2018 Chevy Tahoe problems, including issues with the headlights, engine, transmission, and braking system. These 2018 Chevy Tahoe complaints certainly make customers doubt the reliability of the Tahoe.

2018 Chevy Tahoe Headlight Problems

Working headlights are critical when driving at night. However, customers have complained about the 2018 Tahoe’s problems when illuminating the road ahead at night.

One customer told Edmunds: “Headlights got low grade because I am shopping to replace the low beam bulbs with ones that give more light and more distance. It is not an easy job since I will have to remove the air filter box on passenger side to get to bulb, but once I find ones that will last a while, (based on reviews) I am doing that upgrade.”

The 2018 Chevy Tahoe complaints about headlights are common. Another customer reported a problem to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Part of their complaint states: “Driving it home I noticed my headlights were not working properly. After taking it back to the dealer, I was told the headlight assembly was bad. The dealer ordered a new one. It has been 2 months.”

General Motors appears to be aware of various issues with the headlights. They’ve issued multiple communications regarding water leaks and condensation issues in the headlights or rear tail lights (NHTSA ID Number: 10200151, NHTSA ID Number: 10155019, and NHTSA ID Number: 10169354). Hopefully, technicians can repair these 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe problems without much difficulty.

2018 Chevy Tahoe Engine Issues

You want your SUV’s engine to work properly for many years. Unfortunately, however, the 2018 Chevy Tahoe has received complaints about engine reliability.

One customer complained to Edmunds about their 2018 Chevy Tahoe problems: “I would never purchase a General Motors vehicle after my first experience with Chevrolet. I had to replace the 5.3 engine at two years old due to the fuel management system / DOD damaging the engine from the 8 to 4 cylinder mode. I made a case with General Motors. They gave the run around for almost 4 months. They told me that they would reimburse my costs of the engine then decided that they wouldn’t. I even had issues out of the new 5.3 engine. It stalled on my wife multiple times. General Motors will not do anything about it. General Motors said that they didn’t care. They basically said that they were not worried about safety.”

Because of the particularly bad wear that a Tahoe engine experiences, the manufacturer came out with Service Bulletin Number: 18NA073.

This instructs automotive specialists to try to repair individual components of the engine rather than replacing the entire thing. Any customer will be concerned if an automotive specialist thinks that the engine should be replaced, even if the manufacturer claims that the problems are only individual components.

2018 Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems

The transmission is the component that shifts the gears of your vehicle. Unfortunately, customers have complained about the 2018 Tahoe’s transmission problems.

One customer reported to Consumer Reports: “Vehicle shifts roughly while downshifting. Initially it was thought to be the torque converter but now we’ve been told it’s just the way it is.”

One would hope that this was simply one person’s bad experience, unfortunately, this is just one of many customers who have complained about the 2018 Tahoe’s transmission problems.

The manufacturer is aware that the Tahoe, among other of its vehicles, experiences transmission problems, which GM addresses in Service Bulletin Number: 16-NA-019. However, this recognition may not give customers much comfort if they are experiencing issues with the Tahoe’s transmission while trying to get up to speed on the freeway.

2018 Chevy Tahoe Braking Issues

Brakes, undoubtedly, are critical to the safety of you and your passengers. Unfortunately, the brakes on the 2018 Chevy Tahoe have numerous customer complaints.

Part of one customer’s complaint to NHTSA involved the brakes: “As I drove the 2018 Chevy Tahoe the brakes got really hard to press and would no longer stop. . . . I was told that the vacuum pump seized causing the brake belt to break. I was told by another mechanic that there is a recall on the hydraulic vacuum pump braking system. . . . As the vacuum level drops, the brake assist decreases, increasing braking effort, extending the distance required to stop the vehicle, thereby increasing the risk of a crash.”

Numerous customers complain that the 2018 Tahoe’s brakes won’t press down or fail. The manufacturer is aware of the many problems with the Tahoe’s brakes, as it has issued three recalls regarding the brakes (NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V603000, NHTSA Campaign Number: 19V645000, and NHTSA Campaign Number: 19V761000).

Hopefully, these recalls will remedy the 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe’s problems with the braking system. Given the number of recalls aimed explicitly at the braking system, customers may not feel very confident with the safety of their families in this vehicle.

Do I Have Rights Under California’s Lemon Law?

If your 2018 Chevy Tahoe repeatedly fails in performance or quality, it may be considered a lemon under California’s Lemon Law. California’s Lemon Law protects customers with vehicles under warranty that have either experienced excessive repairs or have been in the shop for an unreasonable amount of time.

Under the Lemon Law, manufacturers must replace or repurchase the vehicle and pay attorney’s fees and costs. Plus, if the manufacturer willfully violated California’s Lemon Law, they can be liable for civil penalties.

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