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Los Angeles California Lemon Law

California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, better known as the “Lemon Law,” provides customers with the right to obtain a repayment or replacement car or truck in cases where their particular vehicle is really a lemon. Our attorneys have successfully remedied lemon law situations against all the major companies. To read more about the lemon law, and just how we can help you out, we have organized answers to various faq’s. We also encourage you to telephone or e mail us for your no charge consultation regarding your situation.

How do I determine if my vehicle is actually a “lemon?”

If a maker as well as its accredited dealer cannot fix a malfunctioning unit inside of a fair number of repair attempts, the producer has to either promptly exchange or repurchase the product, assuming the item is protected from a company’s or retail seller’s warranty.

A material defect is described as a defect that “substantially impairs the use, value or safety” of the motor vehicle to the buyer. Disadvantages just to one of these three classes – use, value or safety – is sufficient.

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