For several years, The Law Offices of Consumer Law Experts has been one of San Diego California’s premier Lemon Law legal advocates. As exceptionally experienced California lemon law lawyers our firm provides extensive understanding of each side of the San Diego California Lemon Law. We are client-focused lawyers, and have seen numerous claims to positive conclusion for several clients, both those purchasing and leasing high-end foreign automobiles the ones with modestly priced domestic cars.

Our Firm only works directly with individuals to fight cases with either auto companies and dealerships.

San Diego Lemon Law Expertise You Can Rely On

Some other lawyers could ask you to pay out a retainer fee or explain how they work on a contingency fee. At The Law Offices of Consumer Law Experts, the company pays your legal fees if your case is settled. If it is not resolved you’re not responsible for any attorney’s fees.

Our California Lemon Law lawyers can deal with all vehicle manufacturers, makes and models. No auto, truck or sports utility vehicle is immune to the possibility of poor craftsmanship or manufacturer malfunction. Don’t believe that simply because you paid more for a automobile that you can’t get a lemon.

If you’re one of the 3.3 million San Diego County residents, get in touch with The Law Offices of Consumer Law Experts today at 877-415-6610 for a complimentary, confidential assessment with a knowledgeable San Diego Lemon Law Lawyer.