Ford Water Pump Overview: Is There a Recall?

A 2022 Ford water pump class action lawsuit claims that that Ford and Lincoln vehicles with Cyclone (Duratec) engines, owned by customers in New York, are plagued with defects. According to the allegations, Ford has been unresponsive to the issue by refusing to initiate a water pump recall, neglecting to carry out necessary repairs, and … Continued

2023 Ford Backup Camera Recall

Ford and Lincoln have announced a third recall for their backup cameras, targeting persistent problems that continue to hinder the functionality of the 360-degree camera screens. Despite previous attempts at repairs, numerous Ford drivers have reported an ongoing problem where these screens consistently display a blue or black color. This latest recall affects 422,000 models … Continued

2023 RAM Anti-Lock Braking System Lawsuit

Fiat Chrysler is being criticized for failing to issue a recall for the Ram ABS module in certain models. Specifically, the 2017-2018 Ram 2500 and 2017-2018 Ram 3500 trucks are believed to have problems with their ABS modules and hydraulic control unit (HCU) modules. A new class action lawsuit filed against Ram (James Neu v. … Continued

Ford Master Cylinder Class Action Lawsuit 2023

A new Ford master cylinder lawsuit (Terry Klepac v. Ford Motor Company) accuses Ford Motor Company of selling vehicles with defects in the rear and middle seals of the master cylinder. It is alleged that these seals have the potential to fail, leading to the leakage of brake fluid either into the brake booster or … Continued

How Long Does a California Lemon Law Case Take?

In general, a California Lemon Law case can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to resolve. The length of time it takes to resolve a California Lemon Law case can depend on several factors. One of the most important factors is the complexity of the case. If the case involves multiple defects or … Continued

Audi Electrical System Malfunction Lawsuit: 2023 Update

Audi is currently facing a new class action lawsuit due to alleged defects in the electrical systems of certain vehicles in their model years ranging from 2018 – 2023. The lawsuit alleges that owners and lessees of certain Audi vehicles have experienced issues with their alternators and starter generators, resulting in various warning messages appearing … Continued

GM Jack Recall Update 2023

In 2021, General Motors (GM) issued a safety recall of over 135,000 SUVs after identifying a potential hazard with their tire jacks. The issue stemmed from the fact that these emergency jacks could fracture while in use, particularly if not positioned as directed in the owner’s manual. This defect could cause the vehicle to collapse, … Continued

2023 Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler Manual Transmission Recall Update

Jeep has temporarily ceased shipment of certain Wranglers and Gladiators with manual transmissions due to a previous recall that was not fully remedied. In 2020, Jeep’s first approach involved requesting a dealer technician to install software that would limit the engine’s torque capability in the event of high clutch assembly temperatures that could pose a … Continued

What Are the Damages in Lemon Law Cases in California?

Short Answer: The damages in lemon law cases may include a refund of the purchase or lease price, minus a deduction for use, collateral charges such as registration fees and taxes, and reimbursement of expenses such as towing and rental car costs. The Lemon Law is a set of regulations that protect consumers who have … Continued

Ford 10 Speed Transmission Lawsuit: Updates to Know in 2023

Ford has long touted the durability of its vehicles with the slogan “Built Ford Tough,” but how well does this hold up when it comes to their transmission systems? Despite the Ford F-series being a top-selling vehicle in America for four decades, it has faced numerous recalls, complaints, and transmission issues. In the past decade … Continued