Chrysler Lemon Law Information

Every year, thousands of consumers purchase or lease a defective Chrysler car. Many of these consumers who are aware of their lemon law rights and hire a lemon law attorney are able to get Chrysler to refund them their monies for their defective cars. However, there are thousands of Chrysler lemon law consumers who are unaware of their lemon law rights. As a result, thousands of consumers every year get stuck with their lemons and don’t get the compensation they are entitled to and deserve. If you lease or own a Chrysler that has been repaired repeatedly, you may have a lemon on your hands and you may be entitled to compensation.

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Your Lemon Law Rights

We have both state and federal lemon laws that provide consumers with consumer protection and remedies when they purchase or lease a defective vehicle. Every state has its own Lemon Laws, which provide specific remedies for consumers who have purchased or leased a lemon vehicle. It is important to speak with a lemon law attorney in your state who can explain the lemon laws that pertain to your situation. In California, we have a lemon law presumption. If you are able to demonstrate the following during the first 18,000 miles or 18 months (whichever occurs first), then your car is presumably a lemon and the manufacturer should provide you with a refund or a replacement vehicle plus the payment of your reasonable attorneys fees and costs:

The manufacturer or its authorized servicing dealer made four or more repair attempts to repair the same problem; or
The manufacturer or its authorized servicing dealer made two or more repair attempts to repair the same problem that may cause death or substantial bodily injury; or
The vehicle has been out of service for at least 30 days.

The lemon law presumption is not an absolute. If the facts of your particular situation do not meet the presumption, you may still qualify for lemon law compensation. This is why it is important to speak directly with a Lemon Law Expert who can explain the lemon laws to you in more detail.

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Common Problems with Chrysler Vehicles

Our attorneys have represented Chrysler consumers who purchased or leased defective cars. The most common issues we have seen with Chrysler vehicles include but are not limited to the following:

  • Engine making a loud clacking noise
  • Engine failure
  • Power steering leaks
  • Compete electrical shutdown
  • Loud clunking noise from transmission
  • Engine shuts off while driving;
  • Transmission does not shift properly
  • Unresponsive gas pedal
  • And many more…

These are just some of the more common issues experienced by Chrysler consumers. Chrysler lemon law complaints and recalls are constantly making headlines. For example, Chrysler recently recalled 1.4 million cars that can be remotely hacked over the Internet. Chrysler is aware of this serious flaw and is upgrading the software to prevent the remote hacking from taking place.

Success Stories

FCA Repurchases a 2017 Chrysler Pacific with Repeated Transmission Issues

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