2018 GMC Terrain Problems

The 2018 GMC Terrain is a small SUV equipped with modern technology, including an infotainment system. Families seeking a small SUV may turn to the GMC Terrain due to its features and GMC’s claims about its reliability.

However, customer complaints about 2018 GMC Terrain problems, ranging from transmission issues to infotainment problems, are plentiful. That, plus five recalls issued on its earlier released version, casts doubt on GMC’s claims about the Terrain’s reliability.

2018 GMC Terrain Transmission Problems: Transmission Failure

Drivers rely on the transmission to power the wheels and move the vehicle under various conditions. Transmission failure means you’re stranded.

One owner reported 2018 GMC Terrain transmission problems to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

The turbine shaft in the transmission broke without warning. The part could have failed in an intersection leaving the vehicle in the middle of the road and potentially causing an accident as the vehicle was unable to move under its own power.

Luckily it failed going down the interstate and my wife was able to safely coast to the shoulder. Yes, the vehicle was disassembled by the dealer and the broken part discovered. There was no warning that this would happen. The ironic part was that the vehicle was in to the dealer the day before for a emissions recall, a check engine light (emissions related) and a routine maintenance front end alignment and left my wife stranded the next day.

This driver is not the only one who has experienced a complete failure to accelerate without warning. GMC appears to be aware of the issue with the 2018 GMC Terrain’s problems with the transmission.

GMC issued a recall, NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V668000, addressing missing bolts on the start-stop accumulator that could result in a transmission fluid leak. However, this recall may not comfort customers, primarily since the customers above just addressed GMC’s recalls when their transmission failed.

2018 GMC Terrain Shifting Problems

2018 Terrain owners have also reported another transmission-related issue: difficulty shifting gears. One customer reported his 2018 GMC Terrain shifting problems to NHTSA:

The car keeps revving and doesn’t shift into gear. You have to lift your foot off the gas pedal and give it a few seconds and then press it again. However when you press the gas again the car jumps into gear causing the steering wheel to jerk either left or right. It either revs too high or it feels like it downshifts.

This last time, 9/8/20, I just reversed out of my driveway onto my residential street, going about 18 MPH when the car would not shift into 2nd gear. When it jerked into gear the steering wheel and it caused me to hit a parked car just 4 doors down from my house.

The 2018 GMC Terrain’s problems with jerking while shifting caused this customer’s unfortunate accident. GMC is aware of the 2018 Terrain’s transmission issues, particularly the shifting issues.

It issued Service Bulletin No.: 16-NA-019, which instructs mechanics on how to repair “low mileage harsh shifts, slips or flares.” This service bulletin may not ease customers’ concerns that a harsh transmission shift may cause them an accident.

2018 GMC Terrain Infotainment Problems

Modern drivers rely on technology in their cars to keep them connected and entertained. For GMC, this technology includes a tablet-like touchscreen device as part of their infotainment system. Unfortunately, drivers have reported GMC Terrain 2018 problems with the infotainment system.

One customer told Consumer Reports:

In addition to the screen going blank, it gives a crash warning when there are no vehicles around. Sometimes the software freezes up and we have to restart the car to get it to work. We have had infotainment problems since we bought it. The dealer says they can’t fix it.

GMC has acknowledged the 2018 GMC Terrain infotainment problems. It issued several service bulletins about the screen graying out (Service Bulletin No.: 19-NA-249) and problems with changing the clock time (Service Bulletin No.: 18-NA-347). However, GMC has yet to fix its glitches, giving rise to many complaints about the infotainment system.

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