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ford 6f35 transmission lawsuit

A new lawsuit has recently emerged regarding allegedly defective 6F35 transmissions in Ford Fusion and Ford Escape models sold in 2010-2020 and 2009-2021, respectively. The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that Ford “unlawfully induced them to purchase or lease their respective vehicles by concealing a material fact (the defective transmission).”

Consumers have reportedly experienced a myriad of issues because of these transmissions, including shaking, violent jerking, shuddering, difficulty in bringing the vehicle to a stop, failures requiring total replacement of the transmission, and unintended revving, to name a few. For these reasons, they have initiated a lawsuit against Ford.

As of May 23rd, there has been no recall on these vehicles, leading impacted consumers to initiate this action.

Class action litigation may appeal to certain individuals and not to others.  Nevertheless it is essential to understand and investigate all feasible legal solutions open and available to individual consumers.

You may be able to file a lemon law claim and receive a refund or compensation if your Ford Escape or Fusion vehicle has had repeat repairs performed to address the problems covered by this class action lawsuit.

Affected Vehicle Average Lemon Law Settlement
Ford Escape $50,518
Ford Fusion $50,801

*Please note, the figures presented in the chart are approximations based on past case results from 2018-2021 model years and should not be interpreted as a prediction or guarantee. Each case is unique and requires personalized legal guidance.

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    What Causes the 6F35 Transmission Problems?

    Though nothing is confirmed about the cause(s) of the transmission problems, the lawsuit alleges many things as potential causes. These include a handful of deficient parts and elements (software, calibration values, solenoids, torque converters, clutch friction materials), various welding failures, and general design issues with the vehicle as a whole that have negatively impacted the transmission and its function.

    Which Ford Models are Affected?

    While transmission-related lawsuits have been somewhat common for Ford in the last several years, this lawsuit only concerns Ford Fusion models from 2010-2020 and Ford Escape models from 2009-2021.

    Was There a Ford 6F35 Transmission Recall?

    Currently, there has not been a recall of the 6F35 transmission. In fact, the basis for the lawsuit is that Ford failed to issue a recall long ago when they allegedly should have.

    Because Ford failed to issue that recall, the consumers now suing continued to purchase Ford vehicles and suffered because of the allegedly defective transmission. Depending on what Ford does next, a recall for the impacted vehicles could be upcoming, but only time will tell as the lawsuit progresses.

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    How to Join the 6F35 Transmission Lawsuit

    The Ford 6F35 Transmission lawsuit is a class action lawsuit, meaning plaintiffs with the same type of issue can join the lawsuit as class members. If you own a Ford Fusion or Escape from the impacted timeframes, you may be eligible to join and receive some form of compensation (assuming the case resolves favorably for consumers).

    If you choose to join the class action lawsuit, be prepared to submit some information so you can be verified as a member of the impacted class. This will likely include documentation that shows you own or leased the defective Ford. If you are accepted into the class, more documentation will likely be requested. At that point, following the advice and counsel of the attorneys representing the class is the best thing to do.

    Joining a Class Action Lawsuit vs. Filing an Individual Lemon Law Claim

    The primary difference between joining a class action lawsuit and filing a lemon law claim is the level of individuality your case will have. Class action lawsuits by definition represent an entire class of people with the same problem, so they are handled from a broader perspective that seeks to address the needs of everyone rather the specific needs of each individual.

    In contrast, a lemon law claim is brought by an individual and handled on an individual basis seeking redress based on the individual’s specific circumstances.

    Attorneys work with their clients one-on-one to gather documentation, organize the case, and represent the individual based on their specific issues related to the vehicle. Below are a handful of other advantages and disadvantages to joining a class action lawsuit.

    Potential Advantages

    Your legal costs in a class action lawsuit are likely to be lower than in pursuing an individual claim because the legal costs are typically split between the members of the class.

    If the case is won, you will also receive compensation that can cover some of the costs created by the defective vehicle. Finally, members of a class in a class action tend to have less input on the procedure of the claim in general. This can result in them having less work overall when compared to an individual lawsuit.

    Potential Disadvantages

    Arguably the most important thing for an individual to understand in bringing a class action is that joining such a lawsuit can waive your ability to bring an individual case in the future.

    This means if the class action lawsuit fails, that the members of the class cannot seek compensation in the future for the problems arising out of the defective vehicle.

    Compensation is typically greater in individual lawsuits than in class action lawsuits. This is because it is more tailored to the individual problem and is therefore more likely to directly cover it financially.

    Finally, individual lawsuits deal with significantly less legal procedure than class action lawsuits because they are simpler. This can lead to an expedited resolution of your claim, allowing you to receive compensation faster than in a class action lawsuit.

    Nevertheless, there are circumstances in which consumer participation in the class action may prove more advantageous. For instance, if the vehicle is older and encountered these issues beyond the warranty period or if the vehicle has not undergone sufficient repair attempts to qualify under the Lemon Law, then participating in the class action may be a more viable option.

    Let the Lemon Law Experts Turn Your Ford Lemon into Lemonade!

    If you are the owner of an impacted 2018 – 2020 Ford Fusion or 2018 – 2021 Ford Escape and have taken your vehicle into the dealership for various repairs related to the Ford 6F35 transmission, it may be in your best interest to pursue an individual lemon law claim so you can be compensated for the defect in your vehicle.

    At the Lemon Law Experts, we have a team of dedicated and fierce attorneys that will help you pursue your claim to the greatest extent possible and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Please contact us today for a free, no-further-obligation case evaluation! Why have a lemon, when you could have lemonade?