Alfa Romeo Lemon Law Information

Alfa Romeo is a sporty Italian auto manufacturer that recently reintroduced a line of vehicles in the United States market. Known for their high-quality luxurious design and reliable construction, Alfa Romeo has quickly won over the hearts of many American consumers. However, recently more and more Alfa Romeo lemon vehicles have been reported. Because of recent reports, it’s important to properly evaluate your options with experienced Lemon Law Experts who can advise you on your best course of action.

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What is a “Lemon Vehicle”?

A lemon vehicle is one that is under warranty and has defects that the manufacturer is unwilling or unable to fix. It’s important to remember that each state has its own set of lemon laws but, generally if your vehicle has a substantial impairment to its safety, use, or value, and Alfa Romeo cannot repair it in a reasonable number of repair attempts then you might have a lemon on your hands. When you purchase or lease an Alfa Romeo, the manufacturer or its representative is responsible for upholding any express warranties it made. If you wind up with a lemon and the manufacturer won’t repurchase, replace or compensate you, you will want to speak to a Lemon Law attorney about your legal options. For a consultation with a law firm that specializes in California Lemon Law cases, contact the Lemon Law Experts now.

Alfa Romeo Car

Common Issues with Alfa Romeo Lemons

At Lemon Law Experts, we handle all types of Lemon Law cases, including those regarding Alfa Romeo owners whose vehicles fall short of the manufacturer’s promises. Numerous Alfa Romeo’s models have been reported as lemons, including the 2018-2019 Stelvio and 2017-2019 Guilia. Not only is it upsetting to pay a premium on a car that doesn’t perform correctly, but certain defects also can be quite dangerous. Below are some of the issues Alfa Romeo lemons commonly have. Remember, even if your vehicle’s specific issue isn’t listed below you might still have a lemon on your hands!

  • Software Problems
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Unexpected Acceleration
  • Bumper Disengagement
  • Other General Issues…

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    Can you sue if you bought an Alfa Romeo lemon?

    In California, you can only file an Alfa Romeo Lemon Law suit if the following is true:

    • Your car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.
    • The defect or component that is malfunctioning is one that’s covered under the warranty.
    • You purchased the car less than 18 months ago or the odometer reads less than 18,000 miles (whichever occurs first).
    • You’ve notified the manufacturer in writing about the need for repair. (Save a copy of all correspondence).
    • You’ve taken your car to repair the issue four or more times (two or more times if the issue is one that can lead to injury or death) or if your car has been out of service because of disrepair for at least 30 days.

    If your car meets the specifications, you can recover the cost of the vehicle, the cost of any repairs you’ve paid for, the sales tax on the car, licensing and registration fees, and your attorney fees. If you have an Alfa Romeo lemon, you’ll want to move forward quickly with pursuing your case so as not to overstep the time limits and to get out of your bum car lease or loan A.S.A.P.