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The Volkswagen Group of America and the NHSTA has recently announced the recalls of over 7,000 Audi vehicles for a mistake in the manufacturing process. Certain Audi models might be fitted with a brake fluid reservoir cap designed for European specifications rather than the one mandated for the United States market.

If the owner is unfamiliar with the markings and inadvertently uses the incorrect fluid, it could result in compromised brake system performance, thereby increasing the chance of a crash. The U.S and European car markets are manufactured differently due to national safety standards, regulatory compliance, and emissions control. Wrongly placed fluids may damage the car and may not comply with the NHSTA safety standards.

audi brake fluid recall

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    How did Audi Brake Fluid issue come about?

    In 2019, the Audi Product Safety Committee addressed a potential noncompliance issue leading to the inspection and replacement of brake fluid caps on unsold vehicles. A service campaign, initiated on March 6, 2019, included a customer notification. Following discussions with Volkswagen Group of Americas colleagues in March, a petition for inconsequential noncompliance was filed.

    In April 2021, a production anomaly triggered an investigation, revealing that some North American vehicles might have incorrect brake fluid caps. By July 19, 2021, the Audi Product Safety Committee confirmed non-compliance in the affected vehicles, and filed a petition for inconsequentiality, confident in the absence of risks to vehicle motor safety.

    Many consumers have noted the illumination of the Audi brake fluid warning light on their dashboards in relation to the issue.

    Which vehicles are affected by the Audi Brake Fluid Cap Recall?

    The group of vehicles subject to the recall was identified based on production records. This included distinctions from products unaffected by the recall, primarily due to the potential presence of a European-specification brake fluid reservoir cap.

    According to NHSTA, the potential for using incorrect fluid arises if the vehicle owner is unfamiliar with the markings on the cap. Introducing the wrong fluid into the brake system could elevate the risk of a crash and result in a non-compliance with U.S safety standards for the affected vehicles.

    The models affected by this recall are from 2019 through 2021 model years include:

    • 2021 AUDI S7
    • 2021AUDI S6 SEDAN
    • 2021 AUDI RS7
    • 2021 AUDI RS6 AVANT
    • 2019-2021 AUDI A7
    • 2019-2021 AUDI A6 SEDAN
    • 2021 AUDI A6 ALLROAD

    If your vehicle is listed above, and or you have noticed your Audi Brake light warning on, be sure to stay alert about any updates from the manufacturer and reach out to them if necessary.

    Is there a repair for the Audi Brake Fluid Cap Recall?

    As a part of the recall remedy, all affected vehicles will be examined to determine whether the caps need to be replaced or not. The replacement component, identified by the part number SQ0 611 349 A, can be differentiated from the recalled component (part number 5Q0 611 349 B).

    Audi dealerships and vehicles owners will receive notifications starting in October of 2023. After dealers conduct an inspection of the brake fluid reservoir cap, they will provide a free replacement if deemed necessary.

    The Issue Certain Audi models sold in the U.S. feature brake reservoir caps designed for the European market. Audi is expressing concern that this could potentially result in owners inadvertently using the wrong brake fluid in their vehicles’ braking systems.
    The Fix Dealers will inspect the brake fluid reservoir cap and simply replace it free of charge if necessary.
    Important Dates Audi dealerships and owners will be notified about the recall in October 2023
    Audi Contact Information 1 (800) 822-2834
    NHTSA Number 47T9
    NHTSA Information

    I own one of the affected models, what are my next steps?

    Audi dealerships have scheduled notification letters to be mailed out in October of 2023, however, if you still have not received a communication from the manufacturer, we strongly encourage vehicle owners the following:

    • Contact Audi Customer Service 1 (800) 822 – 2834
    • Check the NHSTA website for the following recalls: 4708, 477R2, 47T9.

    If you have confirmed that your vehicle is affected by the recall, contact your local Audi dealership for the next steps involving a repair.

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