Volkswagen Group of America agreed to a class action settlement related to faulty water pumps in certain Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.

The settlement aimed to resolve claims made by vehicle owners and lessees that the affected vehicles were equipped with defective water pumps, which would cause the engines of affected vehicles to suddenly fail.

This settlement potentially affects thousands of owners and lessees of certain Volkswagen and Audi vehicles ranging from model years 2014 to 2021, though 2022-2023 Volkswagen and Audi vehicles may also be affected by this issue but not covered by this class action settlement.

vw audi water pump settlement

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    Audi & VW Water Pump Settlement Overview

    Volkswagen Group recently settled a 2021 class action lawsuit alleging that certain Audi and Volkswagen vehicles were manufactured with faulty engine water pumps made of substandard thermoplastic.

    These defective components can wear prematurely and overheat, causing sudden engine failure. This latest class action settlement pertains to vehicles from model years 2014-2021.

    If you own or lease a 2022-2023 Audi or Volkswagen vehicle, your vehicle is not covered under this particular class action.  If your 2022 – current model year Audi or Volkswagen has engine issues, you may eligible for relief under state and federal consumer protection laws known as the Lemon Law.

    How do I know if my VW or Audi is affected?

    If your Audi or Volkswagen has water pump or engine-related issues, it may be affected by this defect. Note that the engine water pump settlement does not cover all vehicles from model years 2014-2021, nor does it cover 2022-2023 Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.

    Many newer vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen Group from 2022 and beyond also appear to have this problem. To determine if your particular vehicle is covered under the class action settlement, individuals can make use of the VIN lookup tool available on the settlement website.

    What makes and models are affected?

    The following Volkswagen vehicles may be included in the VW and Audi settlement, and may be affected by the water pump defect:

    • 2019-2021 Areteon
    • 2018-2020 Atlas
    • 2014-2018 Beetle
    • 2015-2021 Golf
    • 2014-2021 Jetta
    • 2014-2021 Passat
    • 2020-2021 Terramont
    • 2018-2021 Tiguan

    Affected Audi vehicles may include:

    • 2015-2020 A3
    • 2015-2020 A4
    • 2015-2019 A5
    • 2015-2020 A6
    • 2015-2020 Q3
    • 2015-2021 Q5
    • 2017-2020 Q7
    • 2015-2020 TT

    Note that the latest class action settlement does not cover all Audi and Volkswagen vehicles produced from 2014 to 2021. Although these vehicles are not named in this settlement, 2022-2023 Audi and Volkswagen cars may also be affected by the water pump defect.

    Is the water pump covered under VW warranty?

    Repairs may be covered under warranty. The recent Volkswagen and Audi water pump settlement can also provide some relief for affected vehicle owners who have experienced problems with their engine water pumps.

    Under the terms of the settlement, owners and lessees of certain Volkswagen and Audi vehicles from model years 2014 to 2021 are eligible for reimbursement of one past engine water pump repair that occurred within eight years or 80,000 miles of service.

    Who can join the lawsuit?

    The 2021 Volkswagen lawsuit related to the defective engine water pumps in certain Volkswagen and Audi vehicles has been settled and the opt out deadline passed in July 2022. 

    If you timely excluded yourself from the class action settlement, you may be eligible to proceed with an individual lemon law claim against Volkswagen Group of America

    Consumers with affected Volkswagen and Audi vehicles were automatically included in this settlement if they did not opt out. Those who have not been included in a lawsuit or settlement may still have other legal options by pursuing an individual case.

    engine water pump settlement

    How do I get my VW or Audi to buyback?

    To initiate a buyback of your Volkswagen or Audi vehicle, you need to determine whether your vehicle is eligible for a buyback under the terms of any existing settlement agreements or recalls.

    If your vehicle is part of a buyback program, you will need to provide proof of ownership, such as your vehicle registration, and fill out the necessary paperwork provided by the manufacturer. You may also be required to provide additional documentation, such as proof of mileage or maintenance records.

    Note that if your Volkswagen or Audi vehicle was included in an Audi VW water pump class action settlement, you cannot pursue any type of compensation for this specific defect under the lemon law unless you timely and properly excluded yourself from the class action settlement.

    An experienced lemon law attorney or consumer protection attorney can assist you in determining your eligibility in pursuing a lemon law claim.

    If your vehicle meets the criteria for a lemon law buyback, you may be entitled to a refund which includes the reimbursement of all payments made towards the vehicle minus a usage fee, the loan payoff, and the reimbursement of all incidental expenses related to the lemon vehicle.

    Alternatively, you may be able to negotiate a replacement vehicle with the manufacturer or a cash settlement. An experienced lemon law attorney can help you determine the compensation and justice to which you are entitled.

    Should I Pursue a Lemon Law Case?

    If your vehicle was not included in the Water pump settlement 7577 but still experiences water pump defects, or if you’ve experienced unrelated issues with your Audi or Volkswagen, or if you properly excluded yourself from the class settlement, an individual Lemon Law case may be in your best interest.

    While a class action settlement may provide some level of relief, pursuing a lemon law case can often offer greater benefits and protections for individual consumers.

    One of the key advantages of pursuing a lemon law case is that it allows consumers to seek individualized remedies for their specific vehicle problems.

    Lemon law cases are typically handled on an individual basis, which means that you can seek compensation or a buyback specific to your vehicle and the issues you have experienced.

    This can be particularly important if you have spent a significant amount of money on repairs or if the defect has caused serious safety concerns or impacted the value of your vehicle.

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