Chevrolet consumer in California who believe your vehicle may be a lemon, continue reading! The Lemon Law Experts are an exceptionally qualified group of lemon law lawyers who have gotten thousands of clients the compensation they deserved for their defective vehicles.

In this article, we will cover some basic information about pursuing a lemon law claim, as well as suggesting some of our top-rated attorneys to manage your potential claim. Learn how we can get you a functioning vehicle and back on the road with as little stress as possible.

Our Top-Rated Chevy Lemon Law Lawyers

1. Carey Wood

lemon lawyer la carey wood

Carey Wood has been doing complex litigation work since first becoming an attorney.

She now has over ten years of experience in the field of lemon law, breach of warranty, and consumer fraud cases.

Carey worked in the area of civil litigation before going to law school, providing her with even more experience.

Her dedication to representing consumers shows in the work she does and makes her an excellent choice for bringing your Chevy claim.

2. Nancy Zhang

los angeles lemon attorney Nancy Zhang

With a deep understanding of litigation against auto manufacturers at many levels of the court system, Nancy Zhang is a passionate advocate for her clients who fights to get them compensated for their defective vehicles.

With her career focused on consumers and their rights, having Nancy on your side during a Chevy lemon law claim would be an exceptional help.

3. Iraida Gonzalez

lemon lawyer iraida gonzalez

Iraida Gonzalez has focused her legal career on helping those in need, including many consumers of defective vehicles.

She has extensive experience in disadvantaged communities and uses her legal skill and knowledge to empower her clients.

As a speaker of both English and Spanish, Iraida’s reach is extended. Her representation is fierce and powerful, making her an amazing attorney to have in your corner.

4. Sandro Manno

sandro manno

Motivated to become an attorney by his strong desire to help others, Sandro Manno has worked in consumer rights to defend his clients from auto manufacturers who sold them defective vehicles.

His prior experience in personal injury law demonstrates his commitment to helping those who have been harmed, and his dedication and drive to this goal position him as one of our top Chevy lemon law lawyers.

5. Diana Rivero

los angeles lemon lawyer Diana Rivero

Diana Rivero has moved through her legal career with a primary focus on fairness and justice for her clients.

In this pursuit, she has secured many large and favorable settlements for consumers of defective vehicles.

She also speaks Spanish, broadening her ability to represent clients from different backgrounds.

Her zeal and passion for justice shine through in her work, making her an outstanding choice for your Chevy lemon law claim.

Our Recent Chevy Lemon Law Settlements

Vehicle TypeRecent Settlement
Chevy Sports Car$113,551
Chevy Truck$150,000
 Chevy SUV$169,000

*Please note, the figures presented in the chart are based on past case results and should not be interpreted as a prediction or guarantee. Each case is unique and requires personalized legal guidance.

Your Options when Pursuing a Chevy Lemon Law Claim

The lemon law claim process starts with you, the consumer, discovering a defect in your Chevy while it is under warranty. Under California lemon law, defects that cause the vehicle to be impaired in value, function, or safety are covered as lemon law issues.

Once you have provided the manufacturer a reasonable number of repair attempts to address the concern(s) (usually between two and four), you can pursue a lemon law claim against the manufacturer of the vehicle and request a refund.

After you bring your lemon law claim and are successful, you will receive either a refund for your defective vehicle or a replacement vehicle. Under California law, you will also be awarded reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, meaning that pursuing a lemon law claim comes at no expense to you personally.

In the case of a refund, you will be repaid all payments made on the defective Chevy, including the down payment, monthly payments, taxes and fees, and the reimbursement of incidental expenses related to the lemon such as the registration renewal fee, rental car expenses and tow car expenses that are related to the lemon.

The manufacturer will subtract something called the usage fee from your final award, which represents how long you drove the vehicle without issues at the first repair presentation for which the vehicle is being deemed a lemon.

In a replacement situation, the defective vehicle will be replaced by a new vehicle of similar make and model. In the case of a Chevy, you will receive another Chevy of the same or similar model. Most commonly, if they are available, you will receive a current-year car. Manufacturers also take a usage fee in replacement cases and the consumer will be also be responsible for any difference in price between the two vehicles.

How the Lemon Law Experts Help with this Process

Simply put, the Lemon Law Experts are what ensures that your lemon law claim is managed as best as possible to give you the highest odds of winning against a manufacturer and maximizing your recovery.

Filing a claim against a big entity like an auto manufacturer can be intimidating, and navigating the legal process is often difficult enough on its own. Hiring a skilled lemon law attorney can cut through the stress of a legal process and help get you back on the road with a new vehicle or refund as soon as possible.

With decades of collective experience, our attorneys work tirelessly with you to make sure your case is brought efficiently and effectively. If you believe you have a lemon law claim for your Chevy, reach out today for a free case evaluation.

How to Know if Your Chevy Qualifies for a Lemon Law Claim

The easiest way to know if your Chevy qualifies for a lemon law claim is to take your vehicle to an authorized dealer and have them attempt to repair it while it is under warranty.

If this repair results in your vehicle being out of use for 30 days or more, your vehicle may be considered a lemon under California law if this took place during the first 18 months or 18,000 miles of ownership of the vehicle, whichever come first. These 30 days do not need to be consecutive, meaning that three 10-day periods would satisfy the lemon status.

Otherwise, depending on the defect’s severity and frequency and whether it substantially impacts safety, consumers should expect to attempt two to four repairs before their vehicle will likely be considered a lemon.

The consumer should make sure they have records and documentation of the repair attempts so they can be used for the lemon law claim.

The final step in determining whether or not your Chevy is a lemon is contacting the Lemon Law Experts. Each legal case will have its own specific facts and circumstances, and the only real way to know whether your vehicle is eligible for a lemon law claim is to have a lemon law attorney look at the facts of your case.

Working with an Attorney vs. Filing a Claim by Yourself

California permits consumers to bring their own lemon law claims by themselves without the assistance of an attorney or other legal counsel. However, consumers should be aware that there are many significant advantages that come with hiring an attorney to manage your case.

For one, the law can be complex and detailed, which can confuse or stress individuals who are unfamiliar with it. The average consumer may be educated when it comes to their vehicle, but the odds that they are educated within the legal field generally are significantly lower.

Secondly, lemon law cases can change and develop over time. They typically involve negotiations with the manufacturer, who will likely try to leverage certain things against the consumer in order to get what they want.

As new facts emerge during a claim, a consumer may not be able to effectively organize the influx of new information to the most effective end. Attorneys are trained in handling both the dynamic nature of a legal case as well as the negotiations with manufacturers, reducing stress for the consumer with the defective vehicle.

Finally, attorneys generally know the most effective and quickest route to a favorable outcome for the consumer. The legal process can be time-consuming enough on its own for an attorney who knows exactly which steps to take; for someone untrained, this process can quickly become overwhelming and unnecessarily extended.

How Our Attorneys are Different from the Competition

The attorneys at the Lemon Law Experts are tremendously experienced in the field of lemon law, with most of them having worked to represent consumers in some way their entire legal careers. This means they have seen a wide variety of cases and can use their relevant experience to address your case as best as possible.

Our attorneys are also compassionate in how they approach clients and their cases. Because of their backgrounds in consumer representation, they have a strong understanding of the suffering and stress produced by a defective product, especially one as important and expensive as a new vehicle. Our attorneys will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with your representation and compensation.

Contact Our Chevy Lemon Law Lawyers

If reading this article has made you realize you may be dealing with a lemon Chevy, don’t hesitate to contact the Lemon Law Experts! Lemon law claims can be time-sensitive depending on when the defect was discovered, so it is vital that you seek legal advice regarding your claim.

California’s lemon laws are robust, and we know them like the back of our hand: let us assist you and get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today by calling (877) 885-5366 or by filling out an online form!