Looking for a California Jeep lemon law attorney? The Lemon Law Experts have helped thousands of consumers with successful lemon claims including successful Jeep lemon law claims across the state of California.

Learn how our team of Lemon Law Experts can help and get you back on the road with no worries about getting from point A to point B.

The Lemon Law Experts are California’s leading firm for California Lemon Law claims. We provide representation to California consumers who have purchase or leased defective vehicles that have been repeatedly repaired during warranty period.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure excellent representation and success with our client’s claims.

Our Top-Rated Jeep Lemon Law Lawyers

1. Joshua Fennell

lemon law attorney Joshua Fennell

Joshua Fennell is a zealous advocate for consumer rights in the field of lemon law.

He specializes in consumer litigation against automobile manufacturers and has secured significant compensation for consumers who have purchased a defective vehicle.

His expertise and passion for representing wronged consumers make him a great choice for pursuing a Jeep lemon law claim.

2. Sean Crandall

sean crandall top lemon law attorney

With a long track record of successful breach of warranty and fraud claims against automobile manufacturers, Sean Crandall has effectively and efficiently fought for consumers throughout his legal career.

He works tirelessly for his clients, ensuring they receive the best representation possible.

He is also conversational in Spanish, broadening the horizon of clients he can assist.

With Sean’s experience and persistence, you can be confident in a successful Jeep lemon law claim.

3. Corinna Jiang

corinna jiang lemon lawyer

A passionate advocate and active contributor in her community, Corinna Jiang is fiercely dedicated to representing consumers and protecting their rights.

Many of Corinna’s victories have taken place in pre-trial motions, allowing her clients to secure a favorable outcome without spending excessive time in a courtroom.

Her personability and prioritization of a strong attorney-client relationship make her an excellent choice for pursuing a Jeep lemon law claim.

4. Iraida Gonzalez

lemon lawyer iraida gonzalez

Iraida Gonzalez has over 10 years of experience within the legal profession, much of which has been focused on representing disadvantaged communities.

She continues her pursuit of justice for these communities by providing exceptional legal assistance to consumers suffering because of a defective vehicle.

She also prioritizes trust and security in her attorney-client relationships, making her an excellent representative for those pursuing Jeep lemon law claims.

Finally, Iraida speaks Spanish, allowing her to reach more communities in need.

Just a Few Examples of Our Recent Jeep Lemon Law Settlements

Vehicle TypeRecent Settlement
Jeep SUV$155,000
Jeep SUV$140,000
Jeep SUV$120,000
*Please note, the figures presented in the chart are based on past case results and should not be interpreted as a prediction or guarantee. Each case is unique and requires personalized legal guidance.

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    Your Options When Pursuing a Jeep Lemon Law Claim

    If you own a Jeep that you believe may be a lemon, you may have several options for pursuing a lemon law claim. The first step is to present the vehicle to an authorized manufacturer dealership for warranty repair work. Make sure the repair orders accurately represent all of your complaints with the vehicle and make sure to get copies of all of your repair orders.

    The second step is to file a lemon law claim. Lemon laws are designed to protect consumers who purchase or lease defective vehicles that have been repeatedly repaired during the warranty. If your vehicle has a recurring problem that impacts its use, value, or safety, and you have given the manufacturer a reasonable number of attempts to repair the defect, your vehicle may be a lemon and eligible for a refund, replacement, or cash compensation.

    If your lemon law claim is successful, you will be eligible for either a refund or a replacement of your vehicle. A refund, sometimes also called a buyback or repurchase, involves the manufacturer repurchasing your vehicle.

    This repurchase consists of getting a refund for all the money you spent towards the purchase or lease of your vehicle, including the down-payment, all monthly payments made on the vehicle (including tax and finance charges), and a pro-rated portion of your registration. The manufacturer is able to deduct a “usage fee” from your refund, which is a value based on how long you drove the vehicle without problems.

    A replacement involves your vehicle being replaced by a similar make and model to the one that is a lemon. Most likely, this will have to be a current model year. Your loan amount or term of your lease will remain the same, both in terms of amount and in terms of time. A usage fee will also be taken by the manufacturer here for the time you had the vehicle without problems.

    How the Lemon Law Experts Help with This Process

    The Lemon Law Experts have a team of highly skilled and experienced attorneys that can help you chart an effective course through the complexities a lemon law case can bring. We have helped thousands of clients with their faulty vehicles, including Jeeps, to secure the compensation they deserve.

    Pursuing a lemon law claim involves estimating damages, organizing helpful facts for your case, and developing an effective strategy for you to receive compensation. An experienced lemon law attorney can provide you with the assistance you need in bringing a successful lemon law claim.

    How to Know if Your Jeep Qualifies for a Lemon Law Claim

    Whether or not your Jeep qualifies for a lemon law claim depends on whether it has a defect that impairs the safety, value, or useability of your vehicle.

    Depending on the nature of the defect, your vehicle will likely display signs of something being wrong. Once you have identified a defect, the best course of action is to take your vehicle to an authorized dealer for warranty repair work. They can perform the necessary repairs in an attempt to fix the problems.

    The eligibility of your vehicle for a lemon law claim largely depends on how many warranty repairs the same issue takes to fix. However, there are other circumstances that can qualify your vehicle as a lemon, such as if your vehicle is out of service for over 30 days due to warranty repair work, or if the vehicle has substantial defects that impair its use, safety, or value.

    Working with an Attorney vs. Filing a Claim by Yourself

    Though you do not need an attorney to pursue a lemon law claim in California, it is highly recommended for a number of reasons. For one, experienced lemon law attorneys know how to best advocate for consumers in a variety of different situations. Pursuing a claim by yourself can be frustrating because of the inherent complexity of the legal system. Lemon law attorneys can navigate this complex landscape and get you the compensation you deserve.

    Second, a lemon law attorney can inform you of every option available to you. Sometimes, unconventional approaches to legal issues are the most effective, and individuals not experienced in the legal field may not be aware of these other options.

    Finally, a skilled lemon law attorney can help answer questions that may come up during the pursuit of a claim. When unexpected situations arise, it can be overwhelming as a non-attorney to sort through the most important elements of your claim. A good lemon law attorney is both a consultant and an advocate, helping you receive compensation while managing any emergent issues during the claim’s resolution.

    Also, there are no out of pocket fees or costs to consumers for having our firm represent you with a lemon law claim. As the prevailing party under the California lemon law, the defendant is responsible to pay for your attorneys’ fees and costs.  This makes pursuing a Jeep lemon law claim an easy and right decision.

    How Our Attorneys are Different Than the Competition

    The attorneys at the Lemon Law Experts are among the most talented and experienced in the field. With thousands of satisfied clients, we know the field of lemon law in California like no one else.

    Our attorneys have hundreds of years of experience cumulatively, and many of them have been representing consumers for their entire legal careers. We also aim to resolve your Jeep claim as quickly as possible, getting you the compensation you deserve without delay.

    We understand that discovering a defect in your Jeep is a stressful situation, and our team of passionate advocates will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are satisfied and adequately represented. Finally, we are known in California. Manufacturers, defense attorneys, and judges all know us, and know that we are fierce representatives for our clients.

    Contact Our Jeep Lemon Law Attorneys

    Our team is committed to representing you to the best of our ability. Thousands of satisfied clients with millions of total settlement dollars clearly show that we are the best choice for a Jeep lemon law claim.

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