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Having trouble with your recently purchased or leased car? Stress no more. The Lemon Law Experts of Consumer Law Experts, PC are here to help! Our attorneys have handled hundreds of cases in the San Diego area and are ready to get started working with you today. Don’t settle for firms that don’t specialize in Lemon Law, instead contact us today to speak with one of our expert team members. All of our attorneys are specialized in Lemon Law and have extensive experience working on cases against multinational manufacturers.

Lemon Law 101

Simply put, lemon laws exist in states across the nation in order to protect consumers from being stuck with vehicles that don’t perform as they are supposed to. If you find that your vehicle is giving you issues that the manufacturer cannot repair, while still under warranty, then you might be eligible to receive some sort of compensation.

Is my Vehicle a Lemon?

The best way to determine if you have a viable lemon law case is to contact one of our Lemon Law Experts. They will be able to assist you in breaking down the facts of your situation and determining the best course of action. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Because each state has its own set of lemon laws, it’s hard to give one comprehensive set of guidelines that determine if you have a lemon or not. However, in most states, there are three basic rules that apply to a lemon vehicle. First, it must be covered by a manufacturer warranty. Second, the issue or defect must be “substantial” and must have started occurring within a certain timeframe or before a certain number of miles after you bought or leased the vehicle. Third, the manufacturer must have a “reasonable” opportunity to fix the stated issues before you can open a claim. Usually two chances to fix the car are considered a “reasonable” opportunity, but that isn’t always the case.

We Can Help

Our mission is to help provide you with the best experience possible for the duration of the lemon law process. We also will strive to help you obtain the best results possible as compensation for having to deal with a defective vehicle. When you contact one of our Lemon Law Experts, we will provide you with a detailed and thorough case evaluation that will help us determine the best course of action for you and your lemon. Enlist the help of professionals who understand service and the law, call us today at 877-885-5366.

Setting the Bar

The Lemon Law Experts of Consumer Law Experts, PC are California’s premier lemon law firm. We believe that creating and maintaining personal relationships with our clients for the duration of the lemon law process and beyond is crucial to our joint success. Our promise is to make you feel comfortable and keep you informed throughout every step of the way. Our Lemon Law Experts are highly and multilingual which enables them to provide you with the best possible experience. For a free consultation call us today at 877-885-5366.

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