If you are looking for a California Nissan Lemon Law Attorney, look no further than the Lemon Law Experts. We have handled hundreds of Nissan lemon law claims across the state of California, securing substantial settlements for our clients and relieving them of the stress of a defective vehicle.

In this article, learn how we can assist you in pursuing a lemon law claim and getting you back on the road with a functioning vehicle.

Our Top-Rated Nissan Lemon Law Lawyers

1. Iraida Gonzalez

lemon lawyer iraida gonzalez

Iraida Gonzalez has focused on representing disadvantaged communities throughout her over-10-year long legal career.

Her ability to speak Spanish allows her to communicate with a large variety of clients, assisting them in their lemon law claims.

She is especially passionate about defending consumers from major corporations seeking to deprive them of their rights.

In her attorney-client relationships, she focuses on building trust with her clients, making her an excellent representative for those pursuing lemon law claims against Nissan.

2. Bobby Walker

bobby walker ca lemon lawyer

Bobby Walker has extensive expertise in the field of breach of warranty and consumer fraud, making him a strong legal advocate for his clients.

His advocacy for clients takes a multifaceted approach utilizing his knowledge of not only California lemon law but also federal consumer protections regulations.

Having represented automobile manufacturers prior to joining the Lemon Law Experts, Bobby knows how to negotiate with automakers like Nissan to get the best remedy available to you.

3. Corinna Jiang

corinna jiang lemon lawyer

With an impressive history of resolving claims in the early stages of a lawsuit, Corinna Jiang is a passionate advocate who ensures her clients get the best representation and compensation they can.

Corinna has worked for her clients tirelessly for years, securing large settlements for consumers with defective vehicles.

She will fight for you to make sure your case is resolved swiftly and with the best outcome possible.

4. Lara Rogers

lara rogers ca lemon law attorney

Lara Rogers is a zealous representative of consumers who are fighting against manufacturers and trying to receive compensation for their defective vehicles.

She entered the legal profession with the intention to help others and does so fiercely in her work as an attorney.

Her work with communities in need has helped her better understand underserved clients, and her passion for helping others makes her an outstanding choice for navigating a Nissan lemon law claim.

5. Jordan Cohen

lemon law attorney jordan cohen

With over a dozen years of experience on both sides of consumer-manufacturer dispute law, Jordan Cohen is a highly experienced lemon law attorney who knows how to navigate complex lemon law claims.

Cumulatively, he has recovered millions of dollars for his clients by protecting their rights under California’s lemon law.

Jordan’s expertise in the field makes him an outstanding choice for a consumer who plans on pursing a claim against Nissan.

Our Recent Nissan Lemon Settlements

Vehicle TypeRecent Settlement
Nissan Subcompact SUV$55,232
Nissan Sedan$61,060
Nissan SUV$88,056
*Please note, the figures presented in the chart are based on past case results and should not be interpreted as a prediction or guarantee. Each case is unique and requires personalized legal guidance.

Your Options When Pursing a Lemon Law Claim for a Nissan

You have several options regarding a lemon law claim if you own or lease a Nissan that you believe is a lemon. If the vehicle is still under warranty, it should be taken to an authorized Nissan dealership for warranty repairs. They can attempt to repair the defect. Lemon Law claims are ultimately based on the nature and frequency of the warranty repair attempts, so documenting these attempts is very important for developing a strong claim.

If the defect is not remedied after several repair attempts, the consumer should consider beginning a lemon law claim. The California lemon law is in place to protect consumers who purchase or lease malfunctioning vehicles.

Vehicles that have a recurring problem that impacts their function, value, or safety may be eligible for a refund or replacement if you have given the manufacturer or dealer a reasonable number of attempts to remedy the defect. Again, documenting these attempts is incredibly valuable for consumers pursuing a claim.

A successful lemon law claim will make the defective vehicle eligible for a refund or a replacement. A refund or buyback means the manufacturer repurchases the defective vehicle.

This repurchase includes a refund of all expenses made towards the purchase or lease of the vehicle, including the down-payment, all monthly payments made on the vehicle (plus tax and interest), and a pro-rated portion of the registration fee.

Finally, the manufacturer will subtract a “usage fee” from the refund amount, which is a value based on how long the vehicle was driven without problems. This fee is based on the mileage of the vehicle when the defect was discovered that made it a lemon.

A replacement will ensure your vehicle is replaced with a similar make and model as the defective vehicle. Often, this will be a current model year vehicle. Your loan amount or term of your lease will stay the same. Lastly, a usage fee will be taken by the manufacturer, just as in the case of a refund and the consumer is responsible for any difference in price.

How the Lemon Law Experts Help with this Process

Pursuing a lemon law claim can be a complicated process, depending on the complexity of a consumer’s claim. Our team at the Lemon Law experts is exceptionally skilled and experienced.

We will help you understand your potential claim, estimate damages, potential remedies available to you, and organize your case if you choose to bring one.

Thousands of our clients have been represented and received compensation for their faulty vehicles, including Nissans.  By seeking out an experienced lemon law attorney, like those at the Lemon Law Experts, you are increasing your chances of bringing a successful claim against the manufacturer of your defective vehicle.

How to Know if Your Nissan Qualifies for a Lemon Law Claim

In California, lemon law claims are based on the presence of defects in a consumer’s vehicle. These defects must impair the function, safety, or value of the vehicle.

Once a defect is discovered by the consumer, their first step should be to take the vehicle to an authorized dealer. The dealer will then attempt to repair the defect. Consumers should take care to record and document these repair attempts, as this information is often important if a lemon law claim is pursued.

After the same defect has been unsuccessfully repaired several times (usually at least two repair attempts are needed in California), your vehicle may be eligible to file a claim.

Alternatively, if your vehicle has been unusable for over 30 days because of the repair work, your vehicle will also qualify as a lemon. These 30 days do not need to be consecutive to count. There are other scenarios in which a vehicle may also qualify as a lemon, which is why it is crucial to work with a qualified attorney who is well versed in California lemon law.

Working With an Attorney vs. Filing a Claim By Yourself

In California, consumers do not need an attorney to pursue a lemon law claim. However, it is recommended to work with an attorney if you plan on doing so for several reasons. Attorneys are experienced in answering all kinds of legal questions that might come up during a claim’s lifetime.

It is possible that a consumer might encounter other legal issues that complicate their initial claim and make the situation too complex to manage on their own.

A separate legal issue that would allow the consumer to receive greater compensation might also be overlooked by someone not educated in the nuances of the law. Working with a lemon law attorney can mitigate these issues and result in an overall smoother claim process.

How Our Attorneys are Different Than the Competition

Since 2009 our team of legal experts and attorneys at the Lemon Law Experts has secured millions of dollars in settlement money for thousands of clients across all of California.

We care deeply about our clients and are passionate about providing powerful advocacy to make sure that consumers in California feel confident about bringing claims against manufacturers producing defective vehicles.

There are many nuances of California Lemon Law that other attorneys may not be familiar with, but our team of attorneys and their decades of combined experience can effectively manage an extremely wide variety of lemon law cases. Dealing with a defective vehicle is often a very stressful experience for a consumer: allow our team to represent you to the best of our ability and ensure you are compensated adequately.

Contact Our Nissan Lemon Law Attorneys

If you have discovered a defect in your Nissan vehicle and believe you have a lemon law claim under California law, contacting the Lemon Law Experts is an important next step.

Our attorneys will work hard with you to provide guidance and detailed support as your claim develops. Additionally, our extensive experience dealing with Nissan lemon law claims and securing large settlements for our clients makes us a clear choice for consumers with a defective vehicle.

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