Our clients purchased a 2005 Volkswagen Beetle almost 6 years ago.  There were no major problems with this vehicle until March of 2010.  For an unexplained reason, the vehicle’s battery caught fire while parked in their driveway.  This clearly posed a substantial impairment to the safety and value of the vehicle, and understandably our clients had lost faith in the safety of this VW Beetle.

After a thorough analysis of the warranty repair history for the vehicle, the lemon law specialists at Consumer Law Experts, found a prior repair attempt relating to the battery and electrical system.  From this repair order, an they were able to prove that there was a defect in this vehicle which arose while under warranty that was not properly repaired.

Consumer Law Experts’s lemon law lawyers were able to obtain a full repurchase for this lemon.  BMW provided our clients a full refund of all monies paid, including down payment, monthly payments, interest, and registration, in addition to paying all our attorneys’ fees and costs.