This client was referred to Consumer Law Experts while waiting at the dealership to get his 2007 BMW 335i lemon repaired.  He ended up talking with a prior lemon law client who recommended he contact Consumer Law Experts regarding his BMW 3335i.

This consumer did not believe he had a lemon law claim as he purchased the vehicle used and therefore did not think California’s Lemon Law applied to him.  He reluctantly contacted the lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts, explained the vehicle history along with his concerns, and this client was thrilled to learn that Consumer Law Experts believed he had a case.

The lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts immediately reviewed the repair orders and warranty history, then drafted a demand to BMW North America, wherein they stated this vehicle posed a substantial impairment to their client’s safety, as well as created substantial loss of use and loss in value to the vehicle.

Within 1 month lemon law attorneys of Consumer Law Experts were able to obtain a full repurchase, wherein the manufacturer, BMW North America took back this vehicle, repaid all monies owed to client, including down payment, monthly payments, interest paid, and current registration, along with all his legal fees.

Simply because you have bought a used car, that does not mean you do not have rights.  Contact the California Lemon Law Attorneys at Consumer Law Experts today for a free case evaluation.  Call 877-885-5366 , or visit us at contact us.