This Los Angeles lemon law client purchased a new 2016 Chrysler 200 for her son.  After a couple months, the car was taken in the shop for smoke coming from the engine.  The local Fiat Chrysler dealership kept the car for a little over a week and performed some repairs.  After picking up the car and driving it for about 3 months everything seemed fine until one day, the engine started to emit smoke yet again when driving on the highway.  This lemon law consumer was frustrated to say the least.  He took the car back in for a 2nd repair attempt and this time, the dealership kept the car for about two weeks. The dealership did not provide a rental car so this consumer reluctantly had to use Uber and Lyft to get around town.

Feeling lost and not knowing what to do, he looked online and contacted the lemon law lawyers at the Lemon Law Experts. After a short phone consultation and submitting some paperwork online, he signed up and let the Lemon Law Experts take over and aggressively fight for him. After a short 45 days or so, the Lemon Law Experts got this consumer a lemon law buyback consisting of the refund of his down payment, monthly payments, registration, taxes, fees. The Lemon Law Experts even got the remaining balance of his loan paid off, his Uber and Lyft expenses reimbursed, and the payment of his attorneys fees and costs.

This consumer was delighted to say the least. Thanks to the Lemon Law Experts, this Los Angeles lemon law client can now be seen driving the streets of Los Angeles in his new Jeep Cherokee.

If you have purchase or leased a new or used Chrysler that you suspect is a lemon, contact the Lemon Law Experts for a free consultation. Our team is ready to assist you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Call us today at 877-885-5366.