This lemon law client mainly experienced issues with the emergency braking system of his 2018 Nissan Rogue. He took his vehicle in for several repairs under warranty. On his first repair visit, he reported that the emergency braking system activated while the car was in motion.

His vehicle decelerated rapidly while the client was driving on the freeway, placing himself and other drivers on the road at risk of a serious accident. This happened more than once according to the client. Understandably, he felt extremely unsafe driving his Nissan Rogue.

Despite being amongst Nissan’s best-selling models with over 3 million sold in 2021 alone, the Rogue has been the subject of many complaints made by consumers. We have previously written about issues with several of the brand’s most popular cars here.

Recently, the Japanese automaker has doubled its warranty on vehicles with a variable transmission and gearbox in their lineup, which includes the Rogue. The highest reported problems with the Nissan Rogue concern the car’s transmission system. Additional issues have been reported with the car’s engine, with many experiencing total engine failure.

When the dealership could not fix the AEB system in our client’s 2018 Rogue or keep the warning lights from illuminating regularly, he was left feeling extremely frustrated. Hoping for a safe and reliable car, the client ended up with what appeared to be the exact opposite. Looking for more solutions, he took his first step in the lemon law claim process by contacting the Lemon Law Experts.

Thrilled with the results, our client was very happy that he decided to get in touch with the Lemon Law Experts. Nissan agreed to buy back his lemon and provide him with a refund and reimbursement for his incidental expenses related to the lemon.

Our team helped this client secure excellent compensation. He was able to finally get rid of a lemon car that was both unreliable and unsafe to drive. If you or someone you know have had a similar experience, the best way to begin your recovery is to get in touch with the Lemon Law Experts today.