This 2021 Aston Martin DBX owner faced a tumultuous journey marked by persistent vehicle issues – a dead battery, tailgate malfunctions, engine warnings, and electrical anomalies. Despite interventions like tailgate module replacements and participation in service campaigns, the peculiar symptoms persisted.

In one incident, a diagnostic procedure aimed at a persistent engine warning revealed a faulty 12V battery. Prompt actions were taken – the Parkman module and a flat tire were replaced, underlining a commitment to comprehensive issue resolution. Routine maintenance, multi-point inspections, and tire pressure checks became standard during service visits.

Come March 2023, fresh complications emerged as the vehicle refused to start, revealing a draw on the Surround Camera System fuse. Another 12V battery replacement successfully rectified this issue.

Walnut Creek Luxury Cars, LLC, the servicing dealer, remained dedicated throughout, providing meticulous diagnostics and repairs to comprehensively address reported concerns.

Frustrated by the ongoing issues, the owner sought assistance from the Lemon Law Experts, leading to an exceptional outcome.

Our expert team secured a resolution covering damages due to the defective vehicle, prompting Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings PLC to agree to repurchase the problematic vehicle and reimburse our client for all the damages he incurred while owning the Aston Martin lemon, subtracting a usage fee.

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