This Santa Monica lemon law client purchased a new 2010 BMW 335d with the hopes of driving it for many years to come. This diesel BMW provided the client amazing driving and mileage for the first 13,000 miles until the car began to experience engine issues, including the vehicle running rough, failing to start, illumination of the engine malfunction light, persistent oil leak and the illumination of the drivetrain malfunction light. These defects were all covered under the BMW warranty so this lemon law client simply took the vehicle in for repairs and did not think much of it.

When this vehicle had approximately 70,000 miles, the engine issues once again reared their head and caused this lemon BMW to go in for engine repairs. By this time, the BMW was out of warranty and this lemon law client was going to have to pay out of pocket for these repairs. He did not feel this was fair, which caused him to seek out the Lemon Law Experts of Consumer Law Experts. He outlined his frustrations to an experienced lemon law attorney, who immediately reviewed his case and outlined an approach to get a handle on this matter pursuant to the California Lemon Law.

This lemon law client simply wanted BMW to fix his car without having to pay for it. The Lemon Law Experts of Consumer Law Experts had bigger ideas in mind. The lemon law attorneys demanded that BMW repurchase this car. Within 30 days of putting together this demand, this lemon law client was floored when his lemon lawyer contacted him and informed him that BMW agreed to fully repurchase the car.  BMW agreed to take back this BMW 335d, reimburse him all monies, and pay all his attorneys’ fees and costs.

Thanks to the Lemon Law Experts of Consumer Law Experts, this client did not have to pay for any repairs to his vehicle.  He is now in a new and safe reliable vehicle driving the Santa Monica coast. The lesson from this lemon law client is that even if your vehicle is out of warranty, it is not too late to bring a lemon law claim. This doesn’t mean to wait until your vehicle is out of warranty.  Rather, it means that if your car is out of warranty you very well may have a valid lemon law claim. If your vehicle has been subject to multiple repairs for the same issues contact the Lemon Law for a free case evaluation today.