California Lemon Law Attorneys Obtain a Repurchase from BMW North America on a Leased 2011 BMW 528i with Noise Related Concerns

This Los Angeles lemon law client leased a 2011 BMW 528i in the fall of 2011. Within a month of the purchase she began to experience problems with the vehicle. The problems with this 2011 BMW 528i lemon were related to a high pitch frequency this client heard when driving. Like many lemon law clients, when this lemon law client took her vehicle to the dealership for repair, the BMW dealership was unable to verify her concern and informed this client that the vehicle was operating as designed. Because of the lack of response this client received from the local BMW dealerships, this lemon law consumer was forced to contact the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts. The lemon law lawyers explained to this client that as a general rule auto manufacturers do not value a noise issue as a substantial impairment to the safety, use or value of the vehicle. The lemon law specialists at Consumer Law Experts understood how much this noise issue was bothering this client, and were able to explain to BMWNA that the noise problems with this leased BMW 528i lemon substantially impaired this lemon law client’s use of her vehicle. It must be remembered that in the eyes of the law, a defendant, in this case a manufacturer, takes its plaintiff or the consumer, as they find them. This means that if this lemon law client is more sensitive to sound, then the manufacturer needs to understand this issue.

For this reason it is imperative to have a lemon law attorney who is in tune with a client’s needs and problems. The lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts, were able to explain this lemon law client’s concerns to BMW North America, and further outline what would happen if this matter went to trial. The lemon law experts’ aggressiveness and understanding of California lemon law forced the manufacturer to repurchase this leased 2011 BMW 528i lemon. This lemon law client received all her monies back. This Los Angeles lemon law client can now be seen driving the streets in her brand new 2012 BMW 528i sedan.