Our client’s legal battle with BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) over her 2024 BMW X5 xDrive50e exemplifies a case marked by multiple repair visits and unresolved issues across a variety of vehicle systems. The vehicle was purchased as new on July 8, 2023, and underwent a 70-day repair process at the dealership from September 14, 2023, to November 22, 2023.

During this time, our client expressed concern about engine lights, drivetrain issues, and malfunctioning drive assist features. Diagnostic procedures revealed fault codes for cell modules, prompting a series of diagnostic tests and the replacement of faulty components, including cell modules and high-voltage battery components.

Despite multiple repair attempts, our client’s problems persisted, necessitating additional diagnostics and component replacements, particularly the high-voltage battery- resulting in significant downtime and effort to resolve the automotive issues.

The length of the vehicle’s repair visits at the dealership, particularly one that lasted for a 70-day period, is significant under California’s Lemon Law, which provides recourse for consumers whose vehicles undergo lengthy repair processes. Faced with persistent issues despite numerous attempts at repair, our client decided to seek legal counsel, possibly seeking relief under Lemon Law regulations.

Her decision to pursue legal action reflects the frustrations of many consumers in similar situations.

Through the dedicated efforts of the Lemon Law Experts, a remarkable resolution was achieved when BMW North America agreed to repurchase the defective vehicle, covering all monies spent on the lemon. They also reimbursed our client for their legal fees and costs, resulting in a satisfactory resolution to the vehicle-related issues.

This success story exemplifies the Lemon Law Experts’ unwavering dedication to achieving positive results for our clients. If you are a California resident dealing with similar automotive issues, our experienced team is ready to help. We provide a free, no-obligation consultation to determine whether you are eligible for lemon law remedies such as a refund or cash compensation.

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