This lemon law client leased a 2011 BMW 528i from Crevier BMW in Santa Ana, California. Within a few months of purchase California Lemon Law client began to experience hesitations in acceleration, and delays when down shifting. He took this BMW 528i lemon in for repairs on multiple occasions, but his concerns were never verified. He was frustrated that BMW was unable to replicate his concerns with regard to these issues in his lease BMW 528i, and made him feel that he was crazy. This lemon law client truly felt that his family and his own life was in danger when driving this BMW 528i Lemon. After contacting the Lemon Law Lawyers at Consumer Law Experts, BMW North America initially denied this lemon law client’s claim. However, this was not acceptable to the aggressive lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts, who responded quickly by outlining all the applicable case law relating to these issues to BMW. With the lemon law and the lemon law attorneys of Consumer Law Experts on his side, this lemon law client was able to get out this BMW 528i lemon. BMW paid off the balance of his lease, reimbursed him for his down payment, monthly payments, current registration, and paid all his attorneys’ fees. He can now be seen driving the streets of Orange County in a brand new 2012 BMW 535i.