California Lemon Law Attorneys Obtain Full Repurchase on Used 2009 BMW X5 Lemon with Engine Issues

This California lemon law client purchased a certified pre-owned 2009 BMW X5 with approximately 26,000 miles.  Within the first year of his purchase this vehicle went back to authorized BMW dealerships on five different occasions for major engine issues, which included the engine not cranking and the vehicle stalling.  This lemon law client purchased this BMW X5 lemon because it was certified pre-owned and was supposed to have undergone a rigorous inspection.  However, a lemon is a lemon.  What makes a vehicle a lemon is that the manufacturer cannot repair your vehicle in a reasonable number of attempts.  When this lemon law client first contacted the California lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts, he did not think anything could be done as his vehicle was purchased used and was out of the California lemon law presumption period.  The lemon law specialists quickly assured this client that he did have a claim, and that based on the nature of the problems with his vehicle, a repurchase was a reasonable result to expect.  Within two weeks the California lemon law attorneys were able to obtain a full repurchase on this used 2009 BMW X5 lemon.  The lemon law experts got BMW North America to take back this X5 lemon, pay off the balance of this client’s loan, and reimburse him for all his monies paid to date, including down payment, monthly payments, interest and even his current registration.  Additionally, BMW paid this lemon law client’s attorneys’ fees and costs.  Needless to say, this lemon law client was not only shocked at how quick and painless the lemon law process was, he was amazed at the results obtained by his lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts.

Thanks to California’s premier lemon law attorneys this orange county resident is now driving along Pacific Coast Highway in a safe and reliable vehicle.