This lemon law client purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator three years ago. This lemon refrigerator did not start having problems until the end of the manufacturer’s warranty. These lemon law refrigerator clients purchased two additional services contracts as the refrigerator and freezer were needing repairs one to two times each year. The irony is this Whirlpool lemon refrigerator was not keeping their lemons fresh. It was this sour taste that led them to the lemon law appliance attorneys at Consumer Law Experts. Like many lemon law clients, this family did not believe that the lemon law applied to appliances. In a discussion with one of the partners of this California lemon law firm, this Whirlpool refrigerator owner mentioned the problems, and the lemon law attorney quickly explained his rights. The Whirlpool appliance lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts were able to get Whirlpool to replace this refrigerator in addition to pay attorneys’ fees and costs. Thanks to the California lemon law appliance firm, Consumer Law Experts, this family no longer has sour lemons in their fridge.