California Lemon Law Client Purchased Range Rover

If you have purchased a car, then you will have certain rights under the California state law and the national federal law for your vehicle purchase. If the automobile you purchase does not work as it should under the express warranty, then you might have a “lemon” on your hands.  Warranty laws for the purchase of vehicles are not straightforward, but your rights are covered under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.  This act is also called the “Lemon Law.”

What Is the California Lemon Law?

The California lemon law pertains to both old and new cars. It is based on the laws that govern the warranty under vehicle purchase. If you have a lemon car, your lemon law lawyers will show the amount of problems your Range Rover has had in the past.  California lemon law will apply to new and used vehicles that were purchased in California.

Under the California lemon law, the manufacturer can be held liable if you need to take your car to an auto dealership numerous times, or if you have not been able to drive the car for an excessive number of days.  You could have purchased a lemon, as over 100,000 motor vehicles sold each year are found to be lemons.

Depending on the grounds you submit for your claim, you can receive compensation with different outcomes. The court could grant a “vehicle repurchase” or a “vehicle replacement.” In the case of a vehicle repurchase, you will be awarded the full price you paid for your Range Rover automobile, minus a usage fee.   In the case of a vehicle replacement, you can receive another Range Rover, which will not be a used vehicle, but rather a brand new automobile.

The Case of the Lemon Range Rover Client

Anyone with a defective Range Rover automobile might have an effective lemon law claim. One example of this is a case involving a lemon Range Rover. The lemon law client was at first excited about her purchase of a Range Rover in 2006. She drove it for five years, but she grew tired of the numerous Range Rover problems it had, and consulted a lemon law attorney about obtaining compensation.

She explained to her lemon law attorney that during the five years she had the Ranger Rover, she had to have it repaired approximately eight times. The lemon law client had to deal with numerous mechanical issues plaguing the car, and each time it needed to be repaired, it involved a different problem to the car.

The Range Rover problems she encountered with this lemon vehicle included a constantly illuminated airbag sensor, stuck sunroof and windows malfunctioning. This resulted in eight times having to see a car mechanic to fix a problem on the Range Rover.

In this case, the lemon Range Rover client had various different repairs, instead of a single problem recurring. This did not deter the expert California lemon law attorneys who were successful in getting this lemon law client a cash settlement that was equivalent to 15 percent of the price of the automobile. Fortunately, this client knew her rights under the California lemon law, and with the help of her California lemon law attorneys was able to obtain compensation from the manufacturer.

If you have encountered any Ranger Rover problems or issues, you may be driving a lemon.  Know your legal rights and get help with your lemon car.  Call Today! (877) 885-5366