Lemon Ford

The Lemon Law Experts Force Ford to Repurchase a 2012 Lemon Ford Explorer

This Spanish speaking California lemon law client purchased a new 2012 Ford Explorer in Los Angeles.  This lemon Ford Explorer began to have steering and transmission issues within the first 3 months.  This lemon law client informed the authorized Ford dealerships that his Ford Lemon was not shifting properly and that the power steering was not working.  During the first visit the Ford dealership was unable to verify this lemon law client’s concerns, but did verify the problems on the second and third visits.  This lemon law client informed the dealership that he did not feel safe in this car as it was primarily for driving his family around, and that he believed this Ford Explorer was a lemon.  The dealership told this lemon law client that he did not have enough verified repair attempts for his vehicle to be a lemon, which is not the case.  While the lemon law does require multiple repair attempts for the same issue or problem, it does not require the concerns to be verified.

Unsure of what to do this Spanish speaking lemon law client was referred to the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts.  The lemon law experts informed this Ford lemon law client that he had sufficient repair attempts to being a lemon law claim and that they would take his case.  Within 30 days the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts forced Ford to repurchase this Ford Explorer lemon.  Ford took back this vehicle, paid off the balance of his loan, reimbursed him for all his monies paid to date, and paid all his attorneys fees and costs.

This lemon law client can now be seen driving through West LA in a new Honda SUV which both he and his family feel safe inside.

The lesson to be learned from this lemon law claim is that the lemon law only requires multiple repair attempts for the same issue or problem.  These problems do not need to be verified.  Simply letting an authorized dealership know of the problems with a vehicle is enough to establish a valid lemon law claim.