After purchasing a brand-new 2021 Ford Mach-E, these clients encountered various concerning issues with their vehicle. Just months into owning the Ford, they noticed that the vehicle’s pre-collision warning and front camera fault icons would regularly illuminate.

Despite attempts to address the problem by reprogramming the IPMA control module, a permanent solution remained elusive. The frustration escalated to the point where the clients had to make a special order through a Ford dealership to purchase a replacement module.

In March 2022, the Ford Mach-E underwent a recall service for windshield glass reseal and software calibration updates. The front windows had issues rolling back down without input, and the right-side steering wheel buttons exhibited bubbling and peeling.

To rectify these concerns, the dealer performed the necessary recall services and replaced the buttons. While further details about additional repair visits were not specified, it is evident that the owners faced persistent issues with their vehicle, leading to repeated repairs and attempts to resolve the concerns with varying degrees of success.

Seeking more viable options, the clients decided to seek assistance from the Lemon Law Experts. Our team of experts demonstrated their negotiation skills by securing an excellent settlement with Ford Motor Company.

Under California’s Lemon Law, they ensured maximum compensation for the clients, which included a refund for the down payment, monthly payments, registration fees, and all the legal expenses incurred during the ordeal.

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