This client contacted lemon law attorneys Consumer Law Experts after experiencing problems with his 2009 Nissan 370Z.  The vehicle was having issue with the fuel pump and fuel system.   This client believed the problems would continue to happen and that nothing could be done to fix it.  When he contacted Consumer Law Experts’s lemon law lawyers, the vehicle did not have enough repairs to qualify for a repurchase under the Song Beverly Warranty Act, the lemon law.  The lemon law team explained this to the client, but the client wanted out of the vehicle immediately.  Consumer Law Experts’s lemon law attorneys helped the client achieve his goal by obtaining a cash settlement from this manufacturer.  The lemon law attorneys were able t outline to Nissan that this lemon of a 370z had lost value and their client was entitled to be reimbursed for this lost value.

After some hard-nosed negotiations, Consumer Law Experts obtained a cash settlement for this client, got Nissan to pay his legal costs, and even got a 100,000 mile warranty to help sweeten this lemon.  With the cash settlement and the extended warranty this lemon law client was able to sell his Nissan 370z and get into a car that is a little less sour for his liking.

Simply because your car may not qualify for repurchase under the law, that does not mean you have not been damaged.  Contact the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts for a FREE CASE EVALUATION.  Call 877-885-5366 or visit Lemon Law Experts.