Our client contacted us after experiencing problems with the roof of her 2007 Toyota Prius Hybrid.  Her roof was leaking water anytime the vehicle got too wet, which could be when parked by a sprinkler, at a car wash, and obviously when it rained.  After more than 1 month in the shop and multiple repair attempts the Toyota Dealership was unable to repair this problem.

Our client was frustrated at the inability to fix this leak and also at the damage that had been caused.  While it appeared after the most recent repair attempt that the leak had been fixed, there was still a diminution (loss) in value to her vehicle.  This is where the lemon law specialists at Consumer Law Experts came to her rescue.  After some back and forth negotiations, we were able to reach a cash settlement with Toyota, which reimbursed our client for the loss of value to her vehicle due to the problems with the leaky roof.