This RAM client noticed multiple concerning symptoms in their new 2022 Ram T 1500 months after purchasing the car. The vehicle’s check engine light had come on and our client also reported a strange popping noise on a repair visit to the dealership. The Ram T 1500 was also difficult to brake while shifted in reverse or park. He also noted other electrical issues like the radio and heater shutting off intermittently. The vehicle spent 9 days out of service due to repairs on this first visit.

Some of these problems persisted, however, and our client ended up in the repair shop once again less than a month after his first visit. Our client decided to take the vehicle into the dealership for repair after reporting that while pulling out of his driveway, the 2022 Ram T 1500’s engine suddenly shut off. After starting the vehicle again, the engine shut off for a second time two minutes later. He also noted that the vehicle felt like it was lacking power or driving in the wrong gear. This time, the vehicle spent 25 at the repair shop for various repairs.

Despite extensive repairs to the Ram T 1500, our client continued to experience concerning symptoms in the vehicle for a little over a month following that long repair visit. Our client told the technician that while backing up, the vehicle’s collision warning system may engage despite no vehicles or other objects near the vehicle. He also reported more issues involving the car’s radio.

Our team assisted this client in achieving exceptional results in their legal case. FCA agreed to repurchase the 2022 Ram T 1500 and reimburse our client for all monies spent on the lemon vehicle including the down payment, monthly payments (minus a usage fee) and paying off the outstanding loan on the vehicle.   Additionally, FCA covered all his legal fees and costs. Our client was thrilled to have selected the Lemon Law Experts to represent him, as it enabled him to quickly resolve his issues with the problematic FCA and acquire a new vehicle that gave him a sense of security.

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