This 2021 Ford Ranger encountered a series of challenging issues that warranted multiple visits to the dealership for repairs. Vehicle troubles commenced when the Ranger had reached just 2,119 miles. During the first repair visit, our client noted a disconcerting clunk noise emanating from the front suspension when traversing over uneven road surfaces.

They told service technicians that they could also feel a strange sensation in the steering wheel. The technician verified the concern, revealing excessive play in the steering column shaft as the culprit. To resolve this issue, the steering column shaft was promptly replaced, and the vehicle was retested, successfully passing.

The Ford Ranger’s woes did not end there, unfortunately. Shortly after this first repair visit, our client noticed other issues. While driving straight and letting go of the wheel, the vehicle exhibited a strong pull to the right.

Additionally, at speeds between 20 and 30 mph, an unusual sensation, akin to something striking the steering wheel would appear. The dealership took another look and found the steering wheel to be offset. An alignment check was conducted to rectify this.

On a third repair visit, our client complained about an array of issues, including a grinding sensation from the driver’s side when encountering speed bumps, a clicking noise during sharp turns, and unsettling jumps when shifting into reverse.

The vehicle’s electrical system continued to present problems, and the braking system also exhibited anomalies, with the brakes feeling “loose” during electrical glitches. The Ford service provider replaced the battery, addressed various error codes, and conducted extensive testing and adjustments to the vehicle’s clutch assembly and main control.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to rectify these problems through warranty repair work, our client reached a breaking point and decided to seek assistance from the Lemon Law Experts.

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