With less than 1,000 miles on the car’s odometer, our client had to take in this brand-new 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee to their nearest repair shop. Our client noted that the car stalled three times, with the check engine light coming on shortly after. The service provider found several error codes after inspecting the Jeep. Multiple parts including the high-pressure fuel pump and engine compartment fuel supply line were replaced. On this first visit, the Jeep spent a total of 16 days out of service due to repairs.

Following that visit, our client took their Jeep in for repair at least once a month due to the same issues she experienced days after purchasing the car. On these two subsequent repairs, the vehicle spent 5 and 11 days out of service respectively. Our client told service providers on these visits that she noticed it was getting difficult to start the vehicle. The manufacturer did not seem to have a permanent fix or solution for the multiple problems our client was experiencing.

After several failed attempts to resolve the problem with the dealership, our client turned to the Lemon Law Experts for assistance. We worked diligently to represent our client and were able to secure a favorable outcome, including a repurchase of the defective vehicle and compensation for all expenses associated with the lemon, including our client’s legal fees and costs.

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