Engine problems manifested in this 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee relatively early, after about 17,000 miles. Our client discovered fluid drops on their driveway and believed that this was leaking from their Jeep, so they took their vehicle to the dealership for repairs. The technician was able to verify their concern after finding oil leaking from the bottom of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The dealer kept the vehicle 3 days to complete various replacements and repairs.

Five days later, our client returned to the repair shop for a new engine-related issue. They noted that the Jeep’s check engine light had come on and they also noticed that the vehicle’s voltage was fluctuating. After their vehicle spent 5 more days in repairs, our client believed that their car’s issues would finally be fixed. Mere days later, however, the check engine light would return.

On this final repair visit, the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee spent 31 days out of service due to extensive repairs. After some preliminary research, our client discovered that this alone meant that their Jeep was possibly a lemon. Under California state law, if your vehicle spends more than thirty calendar days out of service due to repairs, then it may be considered a “lemon,” for which you are entitled to compensation. Upon learning this, he decided to reach out to our team.

This client had a highly successful outcome with their lemon law case. FCA agreed to repurchase their Jeep Grand Cherokee and reimburse them for all expenses incurred as a result of the lemon. Additionally, FCA covered 100% of the legal fees and costs associated with the representation of the client. The client was overjoyed with their decision to enlist the services of the Lemon Law Experts, as they were able to quickly dispose of their unreliable Jeep and purchase a more dependable vehicle. If you are a California resident with concerns that your vehicle may be a lemon, our team can evaluate your eligibility at no charge. To get started, you can either call us at 877-885-5366 or complete an online case evaluation form on our website.